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Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

All the things '80s movie masterpiece 'The Princess Bride' taught us about finding and fighting for true love.

Ah, The Princess Bride – that unforgettable cinematic masterpiece of an '80s movie. Where else would we have learned all about the travails of fighting for true love by way of torture, kidnapping, poison, and swashbuckling sword-fighting adventure – and poked fun at them in the process? (Also: We may just argue that Inigo Montoya's quest for vengeance is the most righteously justified of any movie ever made. Okay... maybe.)

Now if you for some reason aren't sold on the idea of The Princess Bride actually being the best love story of all time – it challenged the tropes and conventions of the romance, comedy, and "fairytale" genres, after all — we're here to prove you wrong.

Also, if you're not too sure that true love still exists anymore, we're here for you, girl. Have some popcorn. Pour a glass of wine. I mean, c'mon, this is The Princess Bride we're talking about!

Here are some of the most important things Westley and Princess Buttercup taught us about love.

If you have a good girl (say, Robin Wright aka Buttercup, for instance), you should fight for her.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Actually, you should do anything to save your princess from the clutches of an evil prince hell-bent on murdering her to steal her kingdom, as well. That should definitely be a thing.

Alternately, ladies: You should be with someone who would do anything to be with you.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Preferably, said person is Cary Elwes circa 1987 and should respond to your every princess-like demand (even though you are not yet a princess) with the words, "As you wish." You will then realize that by "As you wish," he actually means, "I love you," and you of course love him too. You will also wake up one morning as Princess Buttercup, with her perfect Rapunzel-esque tresses to boot. But wait, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

This brings me to my third point...

There is still such a thing as true love.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

And nothing can stop it, not even death. Or the minor fact of your boyfriend becoming a pirate for awhile. Or being kidnapped (and blindfolded 75% of the time by your kidnappers) and almost fed to piranhas. Right? Right.

In fact, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Well, duh.

Also, see above-stated mention of the real meaning behind "as you wish." We're not making this stuff up, people. And we "as you wish" you too, Westley.

But more importantly, this lesson taught us that there are so many different ways to love. There's no rule stating that you will recognize it for what it is right away – like Buttercup realizing she'd fallen for the farmhand that she's teased mercilessly for years. But when you do see it for what it is, it will change your life and your perspective.

Love can be totally unexpected.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

If this makes you scoff, you should know that was the intention — since the entire movie is unabashedly turning the glamorized concept of romance and fairytale endings on its head. Well, kind of. Would it really be an '80s movie without the cheesy Hollywood ending? But hey, we're not complaining. Actually, we're eating it up.

If you're still not so sure, trust us, you won't be single forever – even though at times it may feel...

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Nothing is impossible. Anything could happen. You could meet your soul mate tomorrow or it could be another 10 years.

The game of love isn't necessarily fair, but neither is life. And that's okay.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Or, you know, you could take the prime of your adulthood in stride, staying in curled up on weekend nights watching The Princess Bride with your friends and eating an entire tub of ice cream. Oh, and drinking wine. Can't forget the wine. Woooo!

Don't take it so seriously.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Could there be worse fates?! Why yes, yes there could.

Oh, and we would never mock you or your pain, dear Buttercup. We would also never mock the fact that your name is Buttercup.

Try not to over-think it. Just go with it.

Everything 'The Princess Bride' Taught Us About Love

Or is that just what we want you to think?

Anyway, whatever your notions on love may be these days, you have to admit that as far as cheesy '80s movies go, The Princess Bride is positively top notch. Not only does it dismantle views of marrying for status, power, and money versus feelings of real love (Buttercup is notoriously unimpressed by Prince Humperdinck in comparison to her farmboy-turned-pirate lover, Westley, even before she realizes the prince is actually plotting to kill her), but it continues to speak volumes on our notions of love in pop culture today. Plus, it's just an all-around awesome movie.