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Why You Should Embrace Your Single Status

You just went Facebook official? Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of how awesome it is to be single.

Why You Should Embrace Your Single Status

So you're just now realizing that this whole time you thought you were Carrie Bradshaw looking for her Big – but you're actually single Carrie just looking to get drunk with her girlfriends. Sex and the City woefully failed at some things, but Candace Bushnell called it when she wrote, and I quote, “Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”

If you’re single, you should absolutely, 110% fall into the last category. Not feeling it so much? Here are some of the myriad (or, you know, six) reasons why you should embrace your single status.

Remember, just because you're single now doesn't mean you will be forever.

...or will you? (Hey, where do you think the whole #ForeverAlone thing came from?!) Juuust kidding.

Realize that you are single not because you have to be, but because you want to be.

Why You Should Embrace Your Single Status

Don't think of the State of Singledom as this dreaded transitional period leading from point A to B (wherein point A is poor little old you on your lonesome and point B is blissfully betrothed finally-found-my-soulmate-and-happily-ever-after bliss). Going to go ahead and blame Disney for that one.

If you're pigeonholing yourself and your experiences as a young and beautifully single butterfly into this cramped, ugly, boring little box, you simply don't have room to grow on your own. You should instead embrace it because: A. you deserve the best, and B. you won't settle for anything less than that.

It's about finding confidence and happiness in yourself and your experiences, not just in the arms of someone else.

When you pin your emotional well-being onto a significant other, you're giving them a certain power over you. And I know what you're thinking if you happen to be seeing someone special – they're not like that!

Let me tell you something: No one starts out intending to be like that. Sometimes, it just happens. Hey, we're all human, and love shouldn't be a fleeting thing, but the way it's occasionally treated – and portrayed by society – as a means to an end can really give it a bad rap. Love, real love, should never be overrated.

When you're single, you never have to sit around drinking flat beer while your boyfriend and his friends play video games, and you find yourself actually bored to tears.

Why You Should Embrace Your Single Status

Don't act like you haven't been there. And if you're one of those girls who likes (read: "likes to pretend") that you actually enjoy playing said video games, c'mon now – do yourself a favor and download an online shopping app or something. Buy some shoes, please, before it's too late!

You don't have to play stupid mind games, either.

Nothing further, Your Honor.

Being alone is better than being in bad company.

Why You Should Embrace Your Single Status

I don't care if I'm single until I'm 30, I'll never believe this isn't true. #StoryOfMyLife #RawFootage #ButActually

Why, you ask? Because when you're not putting your all into a relationship that's destined to, well... fizzle out, you now have the time to prioritize what should really matter to you in your twenties (or at any point in your life). Chances are, if you're single right now, this may or may not be because a former fling or relationship just didn't work. And that's okay. In fact, you should actually be thanking this former flame for the cease and desist, because they've taught you exactly what you don't want – and what you should now be focusing on.

Now you can happily prioritize things like your friendships, your budding career, and hello, figuring out where you're headed next in life! You've got so much time ahead of you to worry about a relationship. Trust. (This also equates to having to worry about what to buy them for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and their birthday for the rest of ever.) Focus on you first, and you can then unfold your gossamer butterfly wings into the best self you can be – the self that you're meant to be.

Who knows, maybe this way when Mr. Right does come along, you'll actually be ready. And if he takes his sweet time, no worries. You'll have already proven that you're able to be independent with or without a S.O., and I can't think of anything I'd rather be.