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Why It's Okay NOT to Be Into Valentine's Day

...whether you're single or not.

So Valentine's Day, the ultimate in capitalistic holidays, has reared its ugly pink and red and heart-shaped head again. Somewhere along the line, this sugar-fueled day has become known as the Internet's favorite excuse to complain about the commercially-constructed societal pressures it perpetuates.

Is V-Day intended to make all existing couples feel the need to express their love in a way that will out-do and one-up every other couple's burning passion and desire? (And only by very public expression – re: via Facebook – no less.) And is this only problematic because a select few not-so-happily single members of the population have decided to take vehemently voiced action against it?

Cue the hearts and flowers and glitter and all that.

But instead of taking to social media to harp on about your Valentine's Day issues this year, here's a reminder that you're not alone – and 8 major reasons why it's okay NOT to be into the 14th of February.

Why It's Okay NOT to Be Into Valentine's Day
Huffington Post

1. You're not bitter; you're better than that.

Because you know there's a world of difference between being alone and being lonely. You don't need anyone to prove your worth – you are loved and valuable, first and foremost by yourself. And you know this whether you are scrolling through social media being bombarded by images of chocolate and flowers (because you're actually a total masochist), or if you're wisely staying off of Instagram and Twitter for the day.

2. Because it's actually Singles Awareness Day.

Why It's Okay NOT to Be Into Valentine's Day

I mean, duh. (What? S.A.D. is a v important day, and deserves its own kind of acclaim for being a totally nonconformist holiday. And just for being awesome in general.)

And I feel it should be known that February 14th is also none other than Pillow Fight Day in San Francisco… because you know you want to get into a massive pillow fight with crowds of random strangers on Valentine's Day. Who doesn't?

3. It's an excuse to indulge yourself.

Take yourself out on a date. Because you should be dating yourself anyway.

No, but seriously – take the time to really treat yourself. Whether that means a spa date, eating copious amounts of chocolate, or even buying yourself flowers; and yes, binge-watching Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix.

It's also an excuse for you to do something for yourself that you always wished a S.O. would do. This may or may not be something you feel like you shouldn't even have had to ask for. Regardless, now you don't have to. Why waste any time stewing in resentment over something like that, whether you're coupled up or not? Take the initiative and go for it – invite a date along, or fly solo.

4. It's as good a time as any for you to share the love with your other single friends.

Why It's Okay NOT to Be Into Valentine's Day
Paper Mag

Galentine's Day festivities, anyone?

5. You can laugh at all the utterly inane social media posts and things people do to show off their "love" on Valentine's Day.

Instagram after Instagram post detailing chocolates, gifts, and flowers on this consumer-driven and overtly capitalistic holiday?

In my experience, the less #HumbleBragging you do on Facebook, the better – especially when it comes to relationships that will actually last. And that is not to say it's not okay to brag about your better half every once in awhile, because of course it is. It's just that the million and one Facebook posts about that special someone you've been dating for approximately a minute (happy two months, honey!) are SO unnecessary.

6. You don't have to worry about purchasing or giving the perfect gift.

Or not eating carbs for a month so you can fit into that ridiculous lingerie. (Don't lie, we've all done it.)

Even better, you don't have to brave the hordes of people flocking to Victoria's Secret for the entire month of February. Valentine's Day Weekend 2016: It's the Super Bowl of romance, and you want absolutely nothing to do with it.

7. You can drink all the wine you want.

By yourself. Without anyone judging you. (Except for that annoying little voice in the back of your mind that always seems to be questioning your life choices.) Just like during the holidays! Isn't being single awesome?

8. Because you can spend V-Day in complete and total freedom, doing whatever you want.

Why It's Okay NOT to Be Into Valentine's Day
Huffington Post

You can choose to spend Valentine's Day with your closest friends – or in your pajamas, curled up under the covers in bed. While eating Girl Scout cookies. Your call.

Whatever your feelings about V-Day (and especially if they are extra-strong ones), remember: this day is just ONE day. And it isn't a personal attack against you, or the fact that you haven't found ~*true love*~ just yet.

Or even just a casual date who doesn't actually turn out to be a creepy Tinder stalker. Whatever.

So do you this Valentine's Day, boo.