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The Lazy Girl's Guide To Getting Ready For A Date

Who says you can't look like a knock out in 10 minutes or less?

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Getting Ready For A Date

Dates are fun exciting things, but that doesn't necessarily mean you feel like pampering yourself for half a day in order to get ready for one. While some woman love a good five hour prep routine, if you feel like you're more of a lazy girl and want to be out of the house in 20 minutes flat, then you need to cut a few things out of the routine. But how do you keep that "this is kind of special" feeling of a first date while barely running a comb through your hair? I've got you - below are seven things a lazy girl should do when getting ready for a date. 

1. Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

Can't be bothered with the whole three-hour bath with scented bubbles and a glass of red routine? We can't all be indulgers, so if you fall into the camp where you'd rather watch another episode of Downton Abbey instead of pampering yourself for a first date, then the one thing you need in your arsenal is dry shampoo. Pop in to take a quick shower and then blast your hair with the stuff to avoid having to spend an hour drying and de-frizzing it.

2. Get Fancy Body Wash To Get In The Mood

Get yourself into that pampering, first date type of mood by getting a fancy body wash or lotion. Make sure it has chi-chi ingredients like guava and fig, making you feel like tonight is a special occasion, and not just another Wednesday. 

3. Pick An Outfit That Focuses On One Thing: Comfort

As tempting as it may be, don't focus on choosing something show stopping or that has a razzle dazzle quality. Instead, choose a look that's all about that comfort. Why? Because if you're not sitting in something that's restrictive, pinches, needs constant readjustment, or makes you hyper-ly aware of what you're wearing, you'll have a better time. You can focus on the date and not your look. And what's better is that you probably already know which is your most favorite comfy outfit, meaning you won't have to agonize in front of the closet for half an hour. Just snap it up and go. 

4. Put On Your Fanciest Underwear

Not for them, but for you. Even if you're not planning to take the date in that direction, having on something feminine and lovely will put you in a different mindset than if you'd put on the Fruit of the Loom pair. Treat yourself to some impractical lace that's just for you. 

5. Go With Your Natural Hair Texture

Don't feel like curling your whole head for an hour drink with someone new? I feel you. For moments like those, just work with what you have. Is your hair naturally wavy? Scrunch some mousse in there and bring out some of the falls. If it's curly, take a curling iron to it for a minute to define some of the locks and call it a day. If it's naturally straight, just run a comb through it and you're done. Channel your inner most Parisian woman and opt to go with slightly messy, I-barely-did-anything-to-this hair. If they can look incredibly chic doing it, then so can you. 

6. Choose One Thing To Focus On With  Makeup

Instead of attempting to put on a full face, minimize the effort involved by focusing on only one feature. If you want to play up your eyes, try a cat eye to make them pop and then call it a day. If you like a bolder look, swipe on a vibrant pop of lipstick and run your mascara brush through your lashes a couple of times and then grab your keys. When you just focus on one bit, the whole process doesn't sound too tedious. 

7. Grab That Perfume

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Getting Ready For A Date

What's an instant mood booster? Walking through a cloud of perfume and feeling like you're now one of the leading ladies in a Chanel ad. It takes about three seconds to do, but it makes you want to throw come-hither eyes at anyone who looks your way. You've got this; get your flirty on.