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How To Keep Your Sanity In Check After Being Dumped

It's not easy, but it can be done.

Have you ever been dumped? No? Then wish on the first star you see out the window and hope it never happens, because it’s the worst. It’s probably not as bad as losing all your money in bad financial deals and having to move into your parents’ basement, but it’s definitely not good. Anyone who’s ever been dumped knows this to be true.

When people are dumped, they’re immediately tossed into a bevy of emotions. There’s the heartache, the anger, the kick to the ego, the betrayal, the broken trust, and mixed in between is fear that you just might be going mad. I mean, you did just set up a fake Facebook account to stalk your ex, so… you know, that could be categorized as a bit not sane. Not exactly “insane,” but not entirely sane either.

Because the emotions that come at you when you’ve been dumped are on par with what it would be like if a hurricane, earthquake, and tornado all collided at once, it’s important to keep your sanity in check, at least to the best of your ability.

1. Cut off all social media contact.

Depending on just how bad the breakup was, you may have already blocked your ex – good for you! If you haven’t because you’re hanging on to tiny strings of hope at a reconciliation, then block them now. If you think you can unfriend them and stay away from their profile, dreading the day that their profile photo is no longer just them (but them and someone new) then simply unfriend them. If reading that sentence about them possibly meeting someone new put you into a spiraling rage, block them.

How To Keep Your Sanity In Check After Being Dumped

2. Refrain from setting up any fake accounts.

If you have been blocked on social media already by your ex, then there’s nothing you can do. Well, you can set up a fake account strictly for spying purposes, but don’t do that. From personal experience, when you invest in fake accounts, Facebook, Twitter, email or otherwise, you end up spending so much time trying to decipher what tiny bits of information you’re privy to and it has a very negative effect on your psyche.

3. Quit hanging out in places where you’ll run into your ex.

If you’re hoping to get back together by hanging out at places where you know, for a fact, your ex will be, then that’s a horrible idea. For starters, if you’re going to get back together, if that’s what’s in store for your future, then you can’t contrive it. Secondly, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment… and drama. So. Much. Drama.

4. Temporarily boot mutual friends from your life.

How To Keep Your Sanity In Check After Being Dumped

Even if you don’t have kids together, when there’s a breakup, there’s a custody a battle… over friends. Friends will be forced to take sides and you’ll find that for those who choose to remain friends with both of you and your ex, it will be painful for you because you’ll want to constantly question them about your ex. Save yourself the heartache and just cut those people, at least temporarily. If they’re real friends, they’ll understand.

5. Put evidence of their existence out of sight.

While I’m not suggesting you trash everything in your life that reminds you of your ex, I do think that you need to put it all out of sight so you don’t drive yourself mad. To quote Carrie Bradshaw, “Destroy all pictures where he looks sexy and you look happy,” and she’s right. Being sane and staying sane means limiting the number of reminders you have of them.