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11 Signs The Person You’re Dating Sucks

Some are more obvious than others.

When it comes to dating you can’t always date winners. That’s just how it goes. I mean, in the beginning you might think you’re dating someone totally fantastic, then you have this moment where you realize, um, maybe some thing is a little off. Next comes the even deeper realization: This person totally sucks.

But the best part is that once you identify that the person you’re dating sucks, then you can either do what you can to fix it or do something even better: Toss them to the curb. You don’t have time for that nonsense.

Are you dating someone who sucks? Maybe! Here are 11 signs.

1. They never ask you about your day.

Even if you don’t live with each other, it’s just customary to ask someone about their day. I do the same thing when I come home to my dog and he doesn’t even speak English.

2. They don’t support you when times are tough.

Whether it’s something as insignificant as getting a run in your tights on your way to work or something bigger like an illness in the family, the person you’re dating should give a damn about these things. To not give a damn, means they suck.

3. You feel like they never have your back.

11 Signs The Person You’re Dating Sucks

A relationship is supposed to be a partnership. While that doesn’t mean that the person you’re dating needs to agree with you at all times, it does mean that they should have your back no matter what.

4. They always put themselves first.

As human beings, we are fundamentally selfish. But when it comes to people you love and care about, that’s when you put yourself second, in order to make sure that they know you think they’re pretty awesome.

5. They only let you into a corner of their life.

11 Signs The Person You’re Dating Sucks

While everyone does need their own space, if you’re dating someone who only gives you a tiny corner of their life, then something isn’t right. Oh, it’s also means they suck.

6. They tend to make you feel inferior.

Relationships should be about balance and equality. It doesn’t matter who makes more money, who rescues more abandoned animals, or who donates blood the most – you are equal. You’re not inferior and the person you’re dating should never make you feel that way.

7. They don’t take you seriously.

There’s times to laugh and times to take things seriously. If something is important or serious to you, then it should be to them, too. Basic science right there.

8. They mock your goals and ambition.

11 Signs The Person You’re Dating Sucks

People who usually mock the goals of others are the same people who lack ambition themselves. Honestly, I don’t know what’s worse: Mocking someone who has dreams or not having any of your own.

9. They don’t make you laugh.

Who wants to be with someone who doesn’t make them laugh?! Not me! Not you! Granted, we’re not all natural-born comedians, but there should be some laughter in every relationship.

10. They give you body insecurities.

There’s no such thing as a perfect person, so there’s certainly no such thing as a perfect body. But when someone loves you and thinks you’re awesome, all they see is perfection. Anyone who makes you feel bad about your body in any way is just horrible and clearly dealing with their own insecurities.

11. You can feel it in your gut…

11 Signs The Person You’re Dating Sucks

No matter how you might have felt about them before, once you realize that someone sucks, you can’t shake that feeling. You just know it. So accept it and move on. The world is full of people who actually don't suck at all.