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Tired of Tinder? Try these 5 Other Dating Apps

Give your swiping muscles a break.

Tired of Tinder? Try these 5 Other Dating Apps

You can only swipe left so many times before you reach the foregone conclusion that Tinder might not be what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve seen one too many bio with the phrase “4/20 enthusiast” in it, or maybe you’re sick of the opening line “will you be my Tinderella?” but it doesn’t matter why you’re over Tinder so much as that you’re over Tinder.

Welcome, friends, to the post-Tinder phase of your life. It feels good to be here, doesn’t it? Think of the number of inane conversations you no longer need to have. Think about how much lower your risk for carpal tunnel syndrome will be now that you’re no longer swiping with such ferocity. Just imagine your life, free of “moments,” that feature dudes lifting up their shirts and pointing to their abs with the caption “getting swole.”

If you’ve decided that Tinder is the worst but aren’t totally opposed to the idea of trying out other dating apps, there are actually some cool ones to check out.

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

People seem to be very split on whether the name of the app is cute or stupid, but what users seem to agree on is that Coffee Meets Bagel is a much more focused, private app than Tinder. Every day at noon you get one “bagel” (potential match) with whom you have mutual friends. You have 24 hours to like or pass on the person.  If Tinder felt too overwhelming and meat markety to you, then Coffee Meets Bagel might be the app for you.

2. Bumble

Bumble was founded by a former Tinder executive who sued the company for sexual harassment about a year ago, and it’s probably the most feminist dating app out there.  It works like Tinder except for one major difference: it heterosexual matches, only the woman can start a conversation (either party can send the first message if its an LGBTQ match). She has 24 hours to speak to a match or it disappears forever.

3. Happn

Happn only shows you people you actually walk by, and gives you the option to like or pass on them. You also don’t have to decide in the moment if you like someone the way you do with Tinder: you can look at all your options at once and decide, rather than just one at a time. Sure, it could be overwhelming, but some people like seeing all their options.

4. How About We

If the only “date” that ever spawned from your Tinder conversations was mediocre sex on an unmade futon (can you “make” a futon?), and you’re looking for a date that’s a bit more…well, of a real date, try How About We. This app lets you type a date suggestion into a text box, and then browse the date ideas of other people around you. Besides, even if you hate the person you meet up with, at least the date will be fun.

5. Glimpse

If your insta-game is really on point, then Glimpse might be the dating app for you: it connects users based on Instagram accounts, rather than Facebook (the way most of the other dating apps do).