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John Varvatos Stars in Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Campaign

John Varvatos Stars in Chrysler&squot;s "Imported From Detroit" Campaign
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John Varvatos Stars in Chrysler&squot;s "Imported From Detroit" Campaign John Varvatos for Chrysler
Since taking a beating during the recession along with the rest of the auto industry, Chrysler is working to revitalize its image with a new approach to advertising. With its "Imported From Detroit" ads, the car manufacturer employs cool music, emotional responses and famous faces to draw the viewer in.

They debuted the new spots during the Super Bowl, with the first featuring Detroit native Eminem. Now, they're drawing on another famous face: fashion designer John Varvatos.

It's not often designers are used in place of celebrities, especially those who aren't household names. We're digging the edgy look and feel of the ad, as well as the message it sends. Varvatos may live in New York, but it's the Detroit upbringing and attitude that really influences his trendsetting fashion.

What do you think of the campaign?

Watch John Varvatos' Chrysler commercial here:
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