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Six Easy Ways To Wear Makeup At The Gym

Yes, wearing makeup at the gym is possible.

Six Easy Ways To Wear Makeup At The Gym

Truthfully speaking, the idea of wearing a full face of makeup at the gym seems nearly impossible, especially since sweat and lipstick usually don’t seem to play nice with one another. However, looking fabulous while working up a sweat is totally doable, especially since clever makeup hacks and new product releases are only getting better.

And although you probably wouldn’t want to wear a sexy smoky eye with layers of foundation while jogging on the treadmill, there are ways to look glam while keeping breakouts and oil to a minimum.

Ready for some fast-finds that won’t weigh down your gym bag? Perfect for when you want to make your eyes pop, or keep your lips flushed with color, here’s six easy ways to wear makeup at the gym.

Go Easy On The Foundation

While foundation definitely hides all your facial flaws in a jiffy, it doesn’t always make for the best choice of makeup when working out on the gym. Often causing breakouts and blemishes, lingering foundation left on your face can clog your pores, leading to icky pimples you definitely don’t want. If great coverage is something you need to have, though, makeup experts like Jacey Sheets recommend keeping your foundations light and minimal.  

“If you need the coverage, use a highly pigmented concealer on specific problem areas,” says Jacey Sheets, beauty expert with beauty chat by HiLovely. “The more pigmented the product, the less you have to use for coverage. To apply, just dab a small amount on blemishes and imperfections and let the rest of your skin breathe!" 

Six Easy Ways To Wear Makeup At The Gym
Smashbox Cosmetics

To help keep your foundation in place, an oil-busting primer always makes a valid option too. The Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer ($39) for example, provides your face and T-Zone with some serious oil control when you're working out.

Pump Up The Mascara

Sure, smudgy liner helps create instant drama, but sweat and oil can fade your product faster than nobody’s business. To keep your eyes looking sultry and sexy, expect a light coat of mascara to perk up your lashes fast. That way, you don’t have to worry about melting makeup in the process.

“Mascara is the easiest way to create an impact with your makeup look and it won't clog your pores as you sweat,” explains Nina Leykind, Creative Director of Eyeko.

Finding your perfect mascara match may seem difficult, but Leykind recommends selecting mascara formulas that offer waterproof protection. This way, your product will surely stay intact without any smudges or budges.

Six Easy Ways To Wear Makeup At The Gym

“To find your perfect formula, look for a 100 percent waterproof product that also has conditioning ingredients to hydrate the lashes," adds Leykind. "The Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara ($24) definitely stands tall to oil and sweat, seeing you through everything from hot yoga to swimming laps; from a trail hike to spin class.”

Use A Tinted Brow Gel

Brow powders and pencils may look good IRL, but when running, biking or kickboxing, these formulas tend to not last long as we like. To keep sparse brows looking full and beautiful, a good brow gel helps hold brows in place while creating definition fast. 

“Tinted brow gels look and work like mascara, once it dries, it's really not going anywhere," says expert Jacey Sheets. "To use, brush the gel over your brows to add some color and fill all while locking fly away brow hairs in place.”

Six Easy Ways To Wear Makeup At The Gym

For bulletproof brows that won’t falter, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel ($22) helps create that full arch without melting or fading quickly.

Go For Stained Lips

Lipstick definitely creates the illusion of colorful and come-hither lips, but just like your liners and foundations, sometimes your favorite lippies aren’t cut out for that SoulCycle session. Instead of sweeping on that high-impact color, try a tinted balm or stain instead for the right punch of color. 

“Traditional lipstick is too easily bumped, smudged, and faded during an intense workout sesh,” explains Jacey Sheets. “Instead, just lightly tint or stain your lips by using either a tinted lip balm, or by lightly applying your favorite lipstick and patting it in with your fingertip.”

Grab A Facial Mist

Great for when you need a blast of refreshment, a good facial mist can provide a hot and flustered face with instant hydration. However, when it comes to prolonging makeup, a good facial mist can also help set your products in place, making it a gym essential you’ll definitely want to have.

“Facial mists are great to use before or after your workout and can also act as a makeup setting spray,” says Jacey Sheets. “Lightly mist your makeup before working out to help set it in place." 

Cleanse Your Face

Once you’re done working out, it’s important to remove your makeup to avoid any breakouts and blemishes. For fast and easy removal, it’s always best to have portable makeup remover on hand, that way you don’t have to worry about carrying a full bottle in your gym bag.

Six Easy Ways To Wear Makeup At The Gym

“If you are wearing a full face of makeup to the gym, the most important thing is easy removal,” says Nina Leykind. “Portable makeup removing wipes like the Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes ($9) are a must-have for your gym kit.”

But if you don’t have access to disposable wipes, your handy toner or facial spritzing mist will surely get the dirt and leftover grime lingering on your face. 

“Run a toner soaked cotton pad after washing all over face to get any left over grime washing left behind and to kill any bacteria that’s still hiding in your pores,” suggests Jacey Sheets.

Wearing makeup at the gym may seem impossible, but in keeping your looks basic and simple, it can be done with ease. Just remember a little product goes a long way, and that portable removing wipes are definitely your new BFF. Want more beauty shortcuts? Here's how to look glam when you're feeling sick