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Get the Look: Rihanna's Sunglasses

(Courtesy of Miu Miu)
For such a tough girl, it was nice to see Rihanna soften up while on vacation in St. Jean de Luz, France.

Rather than sporting her signature leather, denim, and spikes, the popstar went for a floral one-piece and Miu Miu's "Culte" pentagonal sunglasses. She finished off the retro look with a braided updo and ruby-red lips. So glam.
(Courtesy of Miu Miu)To get this look, pop on a pair of Miu Miu Culte sunglasses, available on Miu Miu's website for $390.

Love the sunglasses? Check out this six-minute film titled The Woman Black (below), which debuted the glasses back in February. The film features chanting witches (dressed in Miu Miu, duh) who cast a spell on an innocent women and turn her into another Miu Miu dress:

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