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Trish McEvoy's Top 3 Beauty Tips—Plus, Details on Her HSN Debut Tonight!

Trish McEvoy's Top 3 Beauty Tips—Plus, Details on Her HSN Debut Tonight!
Trish McEvoy "Effortless Beauty Makeup Planner Collection," $145, HSN.com

Trish McEvoy—iconic celebrity makeup artist, inventor of makeup brushes, and founder of her widely-acclaimed beauty line—is launching her collection on HSN for the first time tonight at 11 p.m. during HSN's Ultimate Trunk Show.

Before she wows the world with her seriously effective—and surprisingly simple—steps to effortless beauty, we got the chance sit down with McEvoy, hear her tips firsthand, and give her cult-favorite luxury line of skincare products, color cosmetics, and tools a try.

From her tips on brightening the face with her "triangle of light" method—a process where she literally draws a triangle underneath your eye with a corrector pen—to all the need-to-know deets about her HSN-collection launch, read on to hear what McEvoy had to share.

StyleBistro: Why did you just, now, decide to launch your collection on HSN?

Trish McEvoy: Well, HSN has always been a dream for me because you’re able to reach so many women, and teach them the power of makeup. But it was truly Mindy [Grossman, HSN CEO] who inspired me. I look at Mindy and she’s such an icon, she’s so bright. The way she’s built this business and evolved it, I had to be a part of that.

SB: How do you see yourself fitting in the landscape of beauty gurus on television?

TM: The way I’ve always fit in with the beauty gurus in real life. Women always come to me to learn the power of makeup—the tips and the products that make it easy for you to look fabulous. And it’s really that. It’s so simple, but it’s how I built my career.

Just teaching, teaching, teaching. Everyone wants to know, "How did she do it?" This girl, that girl, whoever their friends are. How did they do it? And there are simple tricks the women who look good use—brightening in the center of the face, lining under your lash, picking the product that once you apply, it will not move. You know, tips that make a difference.

Over the years I’ve helped so many women learn the power of makeup, and to now be able to speak for an hour and reach probably more women than I’ve reached in all my years at my skincare center. It’s really so exciting!
Trish McEvoy's Top 3 Beauty Tips—Plus, Details on Her HSN Debut Tonight!
An inside view of the Trish McEvoy "Effortless Beauty Makeup Planner Collection," $145, HSN.com

SB: Why do you think women use makeup? What's their ultimate goal?

TM: Looking good. Looking fabulous. Looking pretty. Enhancement. Transformation. Empowerment.

You look at young, young girls—between three and four years old—you put lipstick on a table in front of them, and they’re going to go for it. The guys will go for the truck or the fire engine. The girl will go for the lipstick. Always.

It’s so powerful, it’s so mysterious, it’s... (she barely whispers) magical.

SB: Do you think those goals evolve throughout the years? Do women in their 20s have the same goal as women in, say, their 30s?

TM: I think that women in their any age want to look great. As women get older I feel that they want to learn the tricks that make them look more rested and younger. A young girl wants to really bring out her features, and listen, if she’s studying a lot she also wants to look more well-rested. But at any age, it’s really about how I make myself look the best I can.

Trish McEvoy's Top 3 Beauty Tips—Plus, Details on Her HSN Debut Tonight!
Trish McEvoy "Easy Smokey Eye Collection," $32, HSN.com

SB: You're the queen of beauty tutorials. In all your years of teaching, what are your top three tips for looking beautiful and empowered?

TM: Brightening the upper lid. Triangle of light. Can I have more than three?

Evening your skintone. Not thinking so much about the color of eye shadows, but thinking about defining the eye with eyeliner. Really working on the lash. Always, always, always blend well by using powder. And just enhance the lips enough to give them a natural glow.

I think beauty is so mysterious. Everyone wants to know how you do it. For each person the “it” is different. For someone who has undereye concern—that’s one it. For someone who has uneven pigmentation—that’s another it. For a woman that’s very, very fair—she might want to enhance the lash a little bit more.

It’s all so wonderful. I love makeup!

Trish McEvoy's Top 3 Beauty Tips—Plus, Details on Her HSN Debut Tonight!
Here are the cult-fave products we tested out at McEvoy's HSN studio—all of which are now available through HSN!

SB: We do, too! We love how easily accessible your line will be, too, now you can get it straight from your home.

TM: You’re on your couch, you’re drinking a cup of coffee. I’m speaking to you, while you’re at home. I love it!

SB: Are you nervous at all about being on TV?

TM: I’m never nervous. It’s not a trait that I’m familiar with—thank God!

SB: What's the main takeaway you want girls at home to get from the show and your collection?

TM: I think the key is I’m so excited to be doing this because we’re going to reach so many women and answer their questions—How do you look your best? What are the tools? And what are the tricks? It'll be pretty powerful!

Be sure to tune in to HSN tonight at 11 p.m. (or tomorrow at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.) to learn more about Trish McEvoy's simple beauty tricks and luxury makeup collection!

PS—If you're not already a Trish McEvoy die-hard, here's what I looked like after giving her methods a run. I simply could not stop looking in the mirror afterward!

Trish McEvoy's Top 3 Beauty Tips—Plus, Details on Her HSN Debut Tonight!
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