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HANAair Professional Hair Dryer Review

HANAair Professional Hair Dryer Review
HANAair Professional Hair Dryer Review HANAair Professional Hair Dryer
HANA, best known for their professional solid ceramic flat iron, recently introduced the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer. It has a stylish design and it's pretty powerful with an operation of 2300 watts. There is a ceramic heater, adjustable heat controls, and an extra long power cord. In addition, there are pure tourmaline crystals and antibacterial ions.

Those are a lot of bells and whistles, but how do these features make it different from other hair dryers? HANA makes a bold claim that HANAair "will leave your hair with the healthiest shine and brilliance… it will actually make your hair healthier and more radiant with each and every use." I certainly liked the idea, so I gave it a whirl.

I should begin by saying that I have long, coarse hair that I like to blow-dry using a large round brush. I love the way my hair looks afterward, but the entire process is exhausting. In fact, just thinking about blow-drying my hair usually makes me tired so I was happy when I noted how light the HANAair felt. It's also smaller than the hair dryer I normally use, which made it much easier to maneuver. 

I started by tipping my head upside-down to get my tresses partially dry. This step usually takes awhile but with the HANAair my hair was almost completely dry within about five minutes. I also noticed that in addition to the usual three heat settings, there were also two fan settings that allow you to blow-dry without heat. Next I started in with the round brush and while I had sections of my hair wrapped around it, I hit the cold shot button for a few seconds. When I removed the brush my hair was frizz-free with subtle waves.

Were there any negatives to my blow-drying session? The only potential drawback about the HANAair is that if you aren't used to professional heat styling tools it might seem a bit intimidating at first. There are more functions than one normally sees, but giving it a try is well worth the effort. Whether or not my hair becomes "healthier and more radiant" remains to be seen, but I certainly intend to find out.

In summary:
The 'Professional' in HANAair Professional Hair Dryer is no joke. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that is lightweight, easy to handle, and dries hair in a flash. It's also got great features like a cold shot button and the option to turn off the heat and use only the fan. This is not your average drugstore dryer so for the uninitiated getting used to such a powerful tool might take some adjustment.

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