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How to Lose Weight - Wear This Perfume?

How to Lose Weight - Wear This Perfume?
(Photo via The Fragrance Shop) Prends Moi

How to Lose Weight - Wear This Perfume?
The scent of skinny: Prends Moi  (The Fragrance Shop)
Why spend hours at the gym for, say, that hot date on Friday when slimming down could be as easy as a simple spritz and go? Well, your wish is Veld's command.

The French perfume house just released the world’s first weight-loss fragrance, Prends Moi—a scent designed to "slim with pleasure."

And, get this, according to the Daily Mail, there's already a wait list of more than 6,000 looking to get their slim on.

"The perfume contains ingredients which release B-endorphins present in the skin and a ‘pleasure message’ is transmitted through the brain triggering a sensation of well being and an increase in contentment reducing the need to overeat," the Daily Mail reports.

Studies found that after one generous spray each morning, 75 percent of women ages 18 to 70 who weren't on diets felt the perfume subdued their snack cravings. 73 percent also reported feeling, uh, "pleasured," whatever that means.

What does skinny smell like, you ask? Top notes include bergamot, mandarin, and grapefruit.

This begs the question...
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