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Watch: The Grossest Face Wash Ad Ever!

Watch: The Grossest Face Wash Ad Ever!
(Photo via YouTube)

Watch: The Grossest Face Wash Ad Ever!
The grossest face wash ad in the entire universe (YouTube)
We admit, there's something strangely satisfying about popping a pimple the size of Mt. Vesuvius. (Even though we know popping is terrible for our skin!)

But this horrific display of teenage boys destroying zits is the exact opposite of thrilling—it's borderline nauseating.

The OXY face wash ad—which is really just a compilation of so-gross-you-can't-look-away YouTube clips with one quick product shot—is targeted at boys ages 13 to 18.

According to a press release: "The campaign has carefully curated a number of YouTube clips and assembled them together. The clips, many very popular on YouTube in their own right, all demonstrate how bad men's pimples can get if they remain untreated. Although shocking (or indeed unwatchable) to many, Naked [the ad agency] predicts the target market will find it fun to watch and pass on."

And, well, it seems to be working. The comments section for video is riddled with bro-tastic remarks such as "This is awesome!" "So impressive!" and "Brilliant!"

Watch if you dare and let us know your thoughts—if you can even make it halfway through, that is. The, um, good stuff gets going at the :25 mark.

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