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Current Obsession: Hortense Choupette Earrings

Current Obsession: Hortense Choupette Earrings(Courtesy: Catbird)For the past few years, felines have been the cat's meow in fashion, and if there ever were a poster-kitten for the movement, it's Karl Lagerfeld's fluffy muse, Choupette. The Chanel designer's beloved pet has her own Twitter handle, Instagram account, and Wikipedia page, so it should be no surprise that the four-legged fashion icon has inspired a pair of sparkling earrings from California jewelry label Hortense.

Current Obsession: Hortense Choupette Earrings
(Courtesy: Catbird)The rose-gold studs are handmade exclusively for the appropriately named Catbird, which is one of our favorite Brooklyn accessories boutiques. Studded with a pair of white diamonds (one in each pointy ear), the delicate adornments are a bit of a splurge at $154 per piece, but they'll be sure to have you grinning like a Cheshire every time you wear them.

Hortense Choupette earring, $154, at catbirdnyc.com
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