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Editor's Pick: The Natural Face Powder That Photoshops Your Face

Alima Pure will leave your skin looking flawless.

Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder, $16
Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder, $16
(Source: Alima Pure)

My favorite makeup product isn't one that creates impact like eyeliner or lipstick, but rather one that is barely noticeable: face powder. It is the one product I make sure to keep in my bag and will wear even if I have nothing else on my face. A beauty look doesn't feel complete without it. After switching over to a natural beauty routine, however, I've been dissatisfied with the green beauty options. Then, I discovered Alima Pure's Satin Finishing Powder ($16).

The first time I wore Alima Pure's powder, I wasn't wearing any foundation or concealer beforehand. It turns out, I didn't even need it. The powder blurred away my redness, pores and blemishes, and erased any trace of oiliness. The lightweight formula feels like nothing on your skin and you could build more coverage if you wish. Because it is a loose powder and you only need a little bit at a time for its full effect, it took me a while to master application without getting it all over my clothes. Here's a tip: make sure you tap the side of the brush before application to remove the excess. 

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