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College Wardrobe Shopping: What to Buy

Taylor+Swift in Taylor Swift Leaves Her London Hotel
County cutie Taylor Swift leaves her London hotel to head to a TV studio. The "Should've Said No" singer has revealed she plans to have a winter-themed 21st birthday party. Taylor will celebrate her landmark birthday on December 13. (Pacific Coast News)more pics »Trying to figure out what you need in your college wardrobe? Don't fret, we know it's tricky, but we've got some ideas to help.

The first thing to do, seems obvious, but is crucial. Before going out shopping, make a list. Otherwise you will be easily distracted and over buy the wrong items. This will also help you budget and be able to contemplate the best places to locate your missing wardrobe pieces. College wardrobe shopping is an art.

While making your list, look through your closet and observe any gaps you have that may make it difficult to build cohesive outfits in the morning. You also want to think about the climate to wherever you might be going, and when you are planning to come home so that you know how long in advance you need to plan (do you already need those rain boots and puffy winter coat, or can you old off?).

Here is a list of classic wardrobe pieces that are both always in style and make dressing in the morning for your college classes that much easier.

-Trench Coat or Wool Coat
-Button-up white shirt
-Scarves (an easy and affordable way to mix up an outfit)
-Flat boots (heels are tempting, but not practical)
-Classic sweaters (such as cable knit or argyle or a cashmere cardigan)
-Beanie or nice winter hat (for bad hair days)
-Socks (lots of socks)
-Underwear (lots of underwear, the more you buy, the less often you have to do laundry)
-Work out gear (you know you'll be wanting to hit up the campus gym!)
-Pajamas and loungewear for roaming around the dorms and sleeping
-Gloves (hey, gotta keep your hands happy)
-Tennis shoes (for running or long walks to class)
-Flat casual, non-tennis shoes
-Light-weight jacket like a track jacket or blazer
-T-shirts for casual days
-At least one fancy dress (or suit), you never know when you'll want to dress up
-Jeans! An essential part of anyone's wardrobe

So good luck with your shopping! And even more luck for your college adventure.

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