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Steal Ciara's Budget-Friendly Beauty Look

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Ciara (Getty Images)
While most women in the music game are constantly trying to outdo themselves with outlandish red carpet looks, Ciara lives by a less-is-more ethos. She says, "Sometimes you want to try so many different things and, when you do, it can be overwhelming. It's always when you don't try so hard that everything just falls into place."

So what does it take to achieve CiCi's less-is-more look?

To maintain her flawless complexion, Ciara starts with SkinCeuticals facewash, then dabs on a bit of Kevin Aucoin's cream foundation. Fashion Fair's concealer wheel covers up any imperfections, while M.A.C's Prep and Prime finishing powder seals the deal. For that sun-kissed glow, the dancing diva relies on Arbonne bronzer. Revlon mascara finishes the look with high-impact lashes. Ciara notes, "If I need to throw on a cute face, that would be my kit right there."

Shop Ciara's must-have beauty buys:

SkinCeuticals cleanser
Ciara purifies her skin with the face wash that she just "has to have."

Available at midwestskincare.com
Price $30.00

M.A.C finishing powder
She shares " their finishing power is really great, I love it."

Available at nordstrom.com
Price $23.00

Kevin Aucoin foundation
Ciara says "once I heard they might start discontinuing it, I literally bought tons of it so I'll have it forever. It goes on the skin really well."

Available at dermstore.com
Price $45.00

Fashion Fair concealer
Ciara reveals "I have to have that because it allows me to be really flexible it does a lot of different coverage for various reasons. You can highlight under your eyes and cover blemishes, it's like three in one kinda thing."

Available at dillards.com
Price $16.50

Arbonne bronzer
To get her gorgeous glow Ciara says "I gotta have bronzer, I really love the one by Arbonne."

Available at arbonne.com
Price $34.00

Revlon Luxurious mascara Revlon's Luxurious mascara will help you achieve lengthy lashes for a high-impat wink.

Available at amazon.com
Price $4.00

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