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Why We're Happy that Miranda is Starting the New Year With a New Man

Country music's sweetheart has made it Instagram official, cuddling up to her new beau over the holidays.

Ever since the first officially official statement out of Camp Shefani (Blake + Gwen, for those of you not up to date) I have been open about my loyalty (love for?) Miranda. It was hard to watch Shefani vomited their PDA all over America and Miranda just had to sit there and take it. So I was really happy when Miranda and her new man, fellow musician Anderson East, both took to Instagram to make their new relationship official.

Both Miranda and Anderson posted this adorable photo on their respective Instagram's, captioning it "The snuggle is real..." Don't they genuinely look super happy? 

So who is this Anderson East and what are his intentions with our Miranda? Turns out A.E., 27, is an R&B-turned-country singer who released his first hit-single "Satisfy Me" this past March and currently lives in Nashville. His first major label debut album Delilah was released in July and produced by country star Chris Stapleton - and if you know anything about country music, you know that if Stapleton is the producer then the album must be something special.

This is such great news from Miranda's camp, and for a couple of reasons. First of all, everyone deserves to be happy regardless of how public their relationship is. Just because you're famous doesn't mean you should have to sugarcoat your life to keep your fans/haters happy. And this goes for Shefani - be happy, FaceTime from Disneyland, post super PDA-filled pictures. Good for Miranda, why should she take a backseat to happiness just because Blake seemingly beat her to it? 

I also love the fact that Anderson is a musician. While sometimes it just creates more drama when celebs date — then marry and/or divorce each other — I think there's something to be said for understanding what it means to share your life with your work. When you perform for a living, you sacrifice time with your loved ones and it takes a toll on any relationship. At least she is with someone who can appreciate her talent and schedule all the same.

And while we're on the topic... Some of you are going to hate all over me for saying this, but Gwen is 100% THAT girl. Let's just be honest for a hot second, would homegirl ever have been caught dead wearing camo in the past? The answer is a hard no, absolutely not!

I don't think camouflage duds really worked with the No Doubt singer's edgy, punk-chic look she's been rocking for the last decade - that is, until now. Cue Blake Shelton, one of country music's biggest stars (and whom Gwen claims she never heard of until The Voice) and boom! Stefani hasn't been pictured not wearing camo when out with Blake, and it's ridiculous. Just be your beautiful self and put an end to this whole 'new guy, new look' thing because it's silly.

So now that Miranda is cuddling up with her new man, I can be happy for all parties involved. It's not that I don't want Shefani to be happy, I just didn't like watching it happen, really, really fast, and while Miranda could barely fight back the tears on stage. Congratulations to both of the happy couples!