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Exclusive Interview: Brittany Snow, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Exclusive Interview: Brittany Snow, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor
Brittany Snow (Getty Images)

Exclusive Interview: Brittany Snow, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Brittany Snow at the NewNowNext Awards
Famous for her roles in Hairspray, Prom Night and American Dreams, Brittany Snow has made a name for herself in Hollywood as a bright young thing prime for America's sweatheart status. These days, Brittany is set to return for the second season of the legal dramedy Harry's Law and looks forward to two new films this year, Petunia and Syrup.

When she's not busting her acting chops on screen, Brittany is a denizen of fashion's front row scene where she has become a stand-out for refined feminine style and an effortless glow. As StyleBistro's celebrity guest editor, we had a chance to get the exclusive scoop on how Brittany defines her personal style, her love of vintage fashion and just how she gets that flawless complexion.

Don't miss an excerpt of our chat with Brittany below, plus get all the fashion and beauty scoop from Brittany Snow here!

SB: How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is romantic, a little bit tomboy but kind of vintage-inspired too. I really like classic looks and the '60s. I'm always pretty simple...I like to wear really good signature pieces that pop and then everything else you can play around with.SB: Who are your favorite designers?
My favorite designers would have to be Chloé, Stella McCartney and Valentino because they're just classically romantic. Right now, Camila and Marc, I wear a lot of them, it just always happens to fit me really well. Monique Lhullier, I love her dresses.
SB: What are your favorite places to shop?
Right now I do a lot of shopping online but that sometimes gets me into trouble because I can't figure out if it's going to fit me or not. I go to a lot of vintage stores and, because I live in the valley in California, I go to little boutique stores that are on Ventura and just walk around. Malls make me anxious and I can't go in there very long. But if I'm feeling really feisty, then I make a mall trip and go to Bloomingdales.
SB: So you do a lot of vintage shopping?
Yes, I used to be a obsessed with it. I actually just went to this vintage expo with my girlfriends this past weekend where there were hundreds of little booths. I got some amazing stuff. I got this really, really great hat that looks like an Indiana Jones hat but is grayish brown and it was only $40. It's so great, I'm wearing it every day!
SB: You attended a lot of the Fall 2011 fashion shows—were there any collections that stood out to you?
I think my favorite was Lela Rose, and I've always gone to her shows. I love Monique Lhullier and went to her show. And I went to an Alice + Olivia party which was really fun. It wasn't a fashion show, it was a party where the models were walking around.
SB: It seems like you're very drawn to feminine fashions.
It's weird because I really like feminine romantic stuff but, for some reason, I think maybe it's my laziness, I really like boyfriend-looking things as well, where it kind of looks like you're wearing your boyfriend's shirt but then a really cute skirt with it.
SB: You always glow on the red carpet. What are your skincare secrets?
I don't know about glowing, but I go to a dermatologist. I used to have skin that I was really not proud of and she completely turned my skin around. Now I literally never have a zit ever, which is a blessing! I've been keeping with the same regimen and eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. Once a week, I drink juice that detoxes you and I try to wash my face no matter what, which I think is a really hard thing—after you've been to a party, you want to just go home and hang out with your friends.SB: Do you do your own makeup for the red carpet or do you usually have it done?
I usually do my own makeup, almost always. When I have photo shoots, I use my makeup artists. For red carpet, I usually do it myself just because I feel like sometimes you can tell on the red carpet when you're wearing a lot of makeup. I err on the side of not enough rather than too much.
SB: Do you have a stylist?
My stylist is also my best friend and her name is Anita Patrickson. We've been working together for a year-and-a-half now. It's fun to get to be with your best friend and try on clothes. I hate trying on clothes! Just the process of putting it on, taking it off..ugh. It's always fun when you get to be with your best friend and it's something that you make a fun experience.
SB: What celebrity's style do you most admire?
I really love Eva Mendes' style. I think a combination of Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. It's like a mix of keeping it really romantic yet classic, but still kind of bohemian and carefree. I think they're all very different but that's what I would like.
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Exclusive Interview: Brittany Snow, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor
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