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4 Totally Normal Things Everyone Does After a Breakup

These things might feel crazy, but they're just part of the process.

4 Crazy Things We All Do After a Breakup and Why They're Okay

In July 2013, I was in a toxic mental place after being fired from a job I'd given a lot to and betrayed by a guy I'd been seeing. I was too despondent to eat regularly, cried myself to sleep and woke up in the afternoon feeling drained, and terrified of rotting in New York City.

Though I'd thought about starting fresh in Los Angeles after being terminated, it wasn't until my personal life fell apart that I truly realized there was nothing left for me in Manhattan. Two years later, I'm a full-time staff writer in sunny LA and living with the love of my life, whom I met right after relocating to California in fall 2013. Some said it was crazy for me to up and move across the country partially due to a nasty former paramour, but I couldn't be happier about the outcome.

Life right after a breakup seems crazy, but doing these things is just part of the process:

1. Go on a bunch of dates

4 Crazy Things We All Do After a Breakup and Why They're Okay

With Tinder, OK Cupid, and all the other dating platforms available at our fingertips these days, it's almost too easy to start seeing other people after a breakup. Getting out of the house is important, and dates will take your mind off any lingering sadness pertaining to your ex.

2. Social media stalk

4 Crazy Things We All Do After a Breakup and Why They're Okay

Too much of this might put you in a rough place, but not everyone can move on right away. It's normal to check up on your former flame's social media platforms if it makes you feel less lonely (or better off) in the moment, but it gets harder to stay connected online when it appears the other person has found another love interest already. You'll know it's time to distance yourself when you drive yourself crazy over every new update on your ex-significant other's Facebook page.

3. Turn to comfort food

4 Crazy Things We All Do After a Breakup and Why They're Okay

Trust me, this is far better than the alternative. After getting my heart broken two years ago, I dropped 6-7 pounds off my already slender frame because I lacked the spirit to do anything. I felt weak, too exhausted to fully engaged with friends, and nauseous after even one beer.

It's common for people to lose their appetite after a relationship crumbles, but many do the opposite by overeating, and while gaining weight can make the situation seem even worse, it's much safer to pack on a few pounds than be malnourished and underweight. Besides, your friends will appreciate you a ton for giving them an excuse to consume some good old comfort food.

4. Work out a lot

4 Crazy Things We All Do After a Breakup and Why They're Okay

Now that you're solo, you have the time to break a sweat as much as you want. Extreme exercise can be a shock to your body if you don't regularly workout, so ease yourself into a routine that suits you, and overtime, you can build up to something more intense. The endorphins will boost your confidence and mood, and you might even feel fit enough to go on some dates if you haven't already done so. If you join a gym, you may just meet some cool friends or a new love interest.