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Best Gifts for Men

Justin+Timberlake in Justin Timberlake Attends 'The Social Network' Photocall in Madrid
Actor Justin Timberlake attends "The Social Network" photocall at the Villamagna Hotel on October 6, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. (Getty Images)more pics Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Every holiday, birthday and anniversary you have to rack your brains for what the perfect gifts for the men in your life are!

Here at Style Bistro we took the liberty of identifying several different styles of men with celebrity examples to guide the way. Want to find the best gifts for men? Here they are.

Check out the individual articles in this zine to figure out just what to buy for the Robert Pattinson, Kanye West or Justin Timberlake in your life! Your boyfriend, hubby, best friend or dad will be happy you checked out exactly what the best gifts for men are.