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Candles Now Come in Shampoo Scents—Would You Buy One?

Candles Now Come in Shampoo Scents—Would You Buy One?(Source: Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)We've come across some odd candle scents in our day—bacon, gun powder and even cannabis among them. But the latest votive fragrance to raise our eyebrows has an even more surprising source of inspiration: our showers.

If you've ever opened your shampoo bottle just to get a whiff, you're not the only one who enjoys the product's often luxuriously perfumey aroma, and several haircare companies have caught on to this. A trio of brands has now translated their signature shampoo scents into solid candle form, so you can enjoy the follicle cleansers' fragrances outside the confines of your bathroom—sans lathering.

Let's take a look at the offerings available, shall we?

Candles Now Come in Shampoo Scents—Would You Buy One?(Source: Biolage)
Professional haircare company Matrix has been around since 1980, but it's been nearly three decades since its Biolage label underwent any major changes. Thankfully, its distinct zesty, green fragrance isn't one of them, but to mark the brand's recent reinvention—including four new collections featuring BioMatch Technology, inspired by nature’s adaptive resilience—Biolage released this candle in a travel-friendly tin. Although the votive is only officially sold as part of pre-packaged kits ($27) at select salons (visit matrix.com for participating locations), you'll find lots and singles floating around eBay.

Candles Now Come in Shampoo Scents—Would You Buy One?(Source: Moroccanoil)Countless forums on the internet attempt to identify perfumes that mimic Moroccanoil's warm, musky vanilla fragrance. Short of rubbing the treatment oil all over your skin, this made-in-France candle ($52) is the next best thing. The sultry scent evokes exotic Mediterranean nights and considering the hefty votive boasts 50 hours of burn time, you'll be taking a lot of mental vacations.

Candles Now Come in Shampoo Scents—Would You Buy One?(Source: Aveda)You may know Aveda for its skincare, makeup or body products, but it actually specializes in haircare. Considering the company was founded on the principles of ayurveda (an ancient form of natural healing), it should come as no surprise that its Shampure Soy Wax Candle ($34) smells totally Zen. You can buy the recycled-glass votive alone or as part of a Shampure gift set ($61) that also contains a matching shampoo and conditioner—all of which contain the same calming blend of 25 plant and flower essences, including certified-organic lavender and ylang ylang.
So what do you make of these shampoo-scented candles? Is this trend on fire or one you'd rather see burn out? Vote in our poll, below:

Poll: Which Shampoo-Scented Candle Would You Buy?
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  • None. I'll leave the shampoo scents to my hair.
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