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Trending in the Beauty World: Sheet Face Masks

Trending in the Beauty Wold: Sheet Face Masks(Source: Rita Ora/Instagram, Talika)When someone says they're doing a face mask, what comes to mind? Chances are you're picturing the old-school gloppy mud mask with cucumber slices over the eyes. But not all of today's face masks involve a green face and sliced veggies. In fact, many of the options now trending in the beauty world are as simple as a sheet of paper.

Sheet masks are growing in popularity on beauty counters and celeb faces everywhere. (See Rita Ora as living proof, above.) What started out as a Korean skincare favorite has now hopped into the hands of beauty fans everywhere. The idea is to have an individually packaged sheet of paper soaked in serum that when applied, contours to your face for maximum treatment. And although you might resemble a more frightening version of Mr. Napkin Head, these face masks deliver high doses of product in a short amount of time. From anti-aging to hydrating, check out some of the sheet masks we've spotted at the beauty counter lately.

To hydrate...
Trending in the Beauty Wold: Sheet Face Masks
(Source: Talika)Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Hydrating ($16) fights redness, tightness and dry skin, all in 15 minutes.

To fight aging...
Trending in the Beauty Wold: Sheet Face Masks(Source: Ulta)Karuna Age-Defying + Face Masks ($28) contains skin-soothing ingredients such as wild yams that boast cell vitality and elderberry extract to promote skin resilience.

To live in luxury...
Trending in the Beauty Wold: Sheet Face Masks
(Source: Sephora)SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (six sheets $95) is the ultimate indulgence. Dose your face with a high concentration of Pitera to feel moisturized and radiant.

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