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Gel: It's Not Just for Your Hair and Nails Anymore

Gel: It's Not Just for Your Hair and Nails Anymore(Source: Jurlique, Simple, Olay, Klorane; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)You've probably heard that as the seasons change, so too should your skincare regimen. But if you're confused about what exactly that means when it comes to summer, let us introduce you to the new gel skincare that has recently infiltrated beauty-store shelves.

These airy, incredibly lightweight formulas are perfect for hot days when the thought of putting much of anything on your skin (even clothing) seems unbearable. The products are also cooling to the touch and, when stored in the fridge, offer some heavenly respite from sweltering temps. 

Check out the many different ways you can incorporate gel skincare into your grooming routine:

As a Face Moisturizer
Gel: It's Not Just for Your Hair and Nails Anymore(Source: Wilma Schumann, Simple, Jurlique, Olay)Trade your rich, heavy moisturizer for a gel version, such as Simple's Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer ($10), which feels exactly like a clear, unscented hair gel except it hydrates and isn't sticky. Both Olay's {Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel Moisturizer ($11) and Wilma Schumann's Moisture Activ Gel-Crème ($48) have the slightly weightier texture of a silky serum—the former boasts a fresh, clean cucumber scent, while the latter harnesses marine collagen to protect skin from environmental damage. The thickest of the bunch is Jurlique's Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion ($47), a hybrid featuring rose-hip oil to help skin retain moisture.

As a Face Mask
Gel: It's Not Just for Your Hair and Nails Anymore(Source: Peter Thomas Roth)
It's more important than ever to do a deep clean in the summer, when your pores are likely clogged with sweat. Although the rose-water–based Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask ($45) is primarily anti-aging, it will leave your skin feeling fresh yet plump and hydrated. You'll look like you have petroleum jelly on your face for the ten minutes you let it set, but it will foam to a lovely lather once you rinse with cold water.

For Your Eyes

Gel: It's Not Just for Your Hair and Nails Anymore
(Source: Klorane, Ole Henriksen)We've traded our usual face wipes for a far more effective way to remove mascara, liner and shadow at the end of the day: Klorane's Floral Gel Eye Make-Up Remover ($16), which is so gentle and nonirritating, it even boasts the same pH as human tears. Squirt a dab of the clear liquid gel onto a cotton pad, then smooth it over your lid from the inner corner outwards and watch amazed as the organically farmed cornflower formula melts off makeup with zero tugging.

The remover even soothes and hydrates the delicate eye area, but for added hydration try the newly reformulated Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel ($42), which got a boost of peptides and botanicals. The translucent, undimpled blue goo feels slightly sticky to the touch but is quickly absorbed by skin, leaving behind a refreshing, cool tingle. 

For Your Body

Gel: It's Not Just for Your Hair and Nails Anymore(Source: Shaveworks, L'Occitane)Since summer is the season for waxing, you'll need a product that can calm your angry, aggravated red skin, such as Shaveworks' The Cool Fix ($25). The menthol-y gel lotion prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn with a bacteria-killing mix of glycolic, salicylic and phytic acids.

Finally, to soothe your tired gams from a day pounding the sizzling pavement, reach for L'Occitane's Frisson Verbena Gel for Legs and Feet ($22). The limited-edition, liquid mix of Provençal organic verbena and natural spring water extract is applied via a cooling rollerball for a fresh sensation that's echoed by the product's lemony herbal scent.
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