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Jeans That Make Your Butt Prettier Are Now a Thing. Would You Ever Wear Them?

Jeans That Make Your Butt Prettier Are Now a Thing. Would You Ever Wear Them?
(Photos by Getty; Bauer Griffin)

Sure, a great-ftting pair of jeans can work wonders for your bod—especially your, um, bum. Once you find that one style that fits your gams like a glove, your legs look instantly leaner, your butt noticably rounder, and your thighs (thankfully!) slimmer. And then you end up buying, like, 10 pairs of those said perfect jeans. But denim doesn't really make you look prettier per se—does it?

According to a report in WWD, some denim brands are now infusing their products with cosmetic properties, meaning jeans can, yes, actually benefit your skin by helping combat wrinkling, skin sagging, and even weight gain.

Mindblowing, right?

Here's an example of how the anti-cellulite technology in one Chilean denim brand (Mohicano Jeans) works:
The Denim Therapy collection was created with the latest technology, incorporating nanoparticles of aloe vera in the cotton fibers," said brand manager Ricardo Cuevas. "When these particles come in contact with the skin, they provide several vitamins, such as vitamin E, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants, reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. These stimulate cell growth, collagen and elastin.”
Surprisingly, the jeans only cost $85—like, way less than a pair of designer denim. Other similar cosmetic jeans ranged in price from $120 to $275.

We're dying to know, would you ever wear a pair of cosmetic jeans? Do you think the stuff really works, or is this another one of those "shoes that tone your butt" type of deals? Sound off with your opinions in the comments, and weigh in with your vote in our poll, below:

Poll: Would you ever wear cosmetic jeans?
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