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Blake Lively Shares Her Holiday Shopping List [VIDEO]

Blake Lively Shares Her Holiday Shopping List [VIDEO]
(Photo via YouTube)

Going through Blake Lively withdrawals after last night's Gossip Girl finale? Well, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds may be Serena van der Woodsen no more, but lucky for us, she's still a Gucci girl. (We mean, they're practically one and the same, no?)

In the luxury brand's latest fragrance video, the 25-year-old actress candidly chats away about the holidays at home, sharing everything from her love of cooking to how her nieces call her mom—Uh, was that a hint to Ryan?—plus, she plugs the #1 present on her shopping list this year. (Spoiler alert: It's Gucci Premiere. Obvs.)

Check out the clip, and share what's on your wish list in the comments section, below!

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