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Lush Cosmetics is Opening Its First-Ever US Spa

Lush Cosmetics is Opening Its First-Ever US Spa
(Photos via Lushusa.com)

Bath bomb addicts, rejoice! Lush Cosmetics is taking its best-selling de-stressing stuff to a whole nother level—the beauty brand is opening its first US spa!

According to a report in Commercial Observer, the handmade-product chain just signed a lease for a three-story 3,500-square-foot retail store in Manhattan's Upper East Side. The second floor of which will house its brand-new luxury day spa.

There's no word yet on when the NYC location will open or what services it'll offer, but based on treatments featured at the chain's UK resorts, expect to see typical spa fare like facials and massages. And maaaybe if we're lucky, something called "The Comforter"—a massage given in a bubble-gum pink room with "magical stars, rose scented bubbles, and a hot chocolate scrub."

Um, where do we sign up?
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