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Pizza Hut is Releasing a Perfume. Guess What it Smells Like?

Pizza Hut is Releasing a Perfume. Guess What it Smells Like?
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Pizza Hut is Releasing a Perfume. Guess What it Smells Like?
Pizza Hut perfume (Yum Brands)
So, this is really happening—no joke, Pizza Hut is launching a fragrance. We'll give you a few seconds to process... Sunk in? Sound delightfully absurd? Well, that's because it should.

According to a report in Business Insider, the pizza chain decided to concoct the perfume after posting a joke about it on the brand's Candian Facebook page last August.

"Do you love the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened?" the post read. "We thought so. If that smell was a perfume, what would it be called?"

Apparently, there's a crazy high demand for pizza in a bottle because within half an hour thousands of fans responded, begging for the scent. Fast forward a few months, and Pizza Hut is now shipping the fragrance to 100 lucky customers.

As far as the scent goes, “it smells like dough with a little bit of seasoning added,” said Adam Luck, the managing director of digital of Yum Brands' digital agency. Important to note—fans shouldn't expect it to smell exactly like cheesy garlic deliciousness, though.

“We discovered it was hard to match the smell of freshly baked bread, but it smells somewhat close,” Pizza Hut’s director of marketing, Beverly D’Cruz said. She, however, did suggest that you could spritz your room with the stuff to make it smell like a pizza's in the oven. (Like that idea never occured to us...)

This is incredibly amazing and hilarious and ridiculous (we could go on) no doubt, but on a totally random even more incredible note—while were searching for photos of "pizza" in our system, we found this:

Papa John's Royal Tribute Pizza
Pizza firm Papa John's has unveiled its own tribute to the Royal Wedding with this pizza portrait of Kate and Wills. Kate's bridal veil is made of sliced mushrooms and her hair from black olives and strands of yellow pepper. Will's face is made of ham chunks and mozzarella. The American company has used a UK based food artist to create the pizza which is now available at the chain's 100 restaurants in Britain.. (Pacific Coast News)more pics »Yes, that is, indeed, a pizza of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Perfect timing, no?

Tell us, if you could have any food in the whole wide world bottled up for your daily consumption what would it be and why? Feel free to go crazy in the comments, below!
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