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5 Beauty Trends to Try Right Now

It's time to shake up your beauty routine.

5 New Beauty Trends to Try Right Now

We definitely remember last year's big beauty highlights filled with contouring, full brows, and lots of multi-masking. But it’s time to say goodbye to the trends that left us perplexed (waist training anyone?), and usher in the new pack of beauty looks sure to stand out.

And yes it’s true that some fads come and go, but unlike last year’s barely-there aesthetic, this year's beauty staples emphasize a much bolder and brighter palette.

However, if you are a bit weary that your favorite trends are on their way out, not to fear! Some of last year’s go-to looks are definitely hanging around, but are receiving an edgier twist in the process. Ready for a big beauty reboot? Here's five trends to keep your eye on. 

Polished And Edgy Hair

Last year's hair color trends tended to get experimental with offbeat hues. But this year's looks are softer and subtle, strongly emphasizing highlights, which give you a more natural appearance.

“Delicate, subtle highlights are huge, as the look is natural and polished,” explains Lauren E. Hack of LAUREN + VANESSA. “Think of the color you had when you were young, mimicking the highlights mother nature gave you in the summertime.”

On the contrary, hair cut trends are going edgier. Take the lob for example: While last year’s look emphasized a longer, no-layers style, the 2016 take on the chic cut is more choppy and gritty.

“The textured bob, as seen on Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Roberts is nice twist on the style,” Hack adds. “This sophisticated and sexy haircut never goes out of fashion." 

Unique And Unisex Fragrances

Fragrance trends are constantly evolving, and that holds true for 2016 scents, as this year’s perfumes and fragrances are focusing on unique notes. 

“Look for unique fragrances that make you stand out in a crowd or has someone asking you what are you wearing,” says Rachel ten Brink, fragrance expert and CMO & Co-Founder Scentbird.

5 New Beauty Trends to Try Right Now

To find that scent that truly stands out, look for fragrances with unique note blends. The new Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose Eau De Parfum ($94) for example, brings an unexpected fusion of fizzy citruses and rose honey-blossom.

Your 2016 Beauty Forecast Delivered

For another unexpected surprise, be prepared to fall in love with the Pinrose Campfire Rebel Eau De Parfum ($55). This scent will surely keep your suitors guessing, thanks to notes of burning oud wood and vanilla bourbon.

In addition, unisex scents are also making strides. Fragrance expert Rachel ten Brink notes that the boundaries of his and hers scents are now becoming blurred, allowing you to wear fragrances without any gender labels. 

“The boundary between the sexes will become more skewed as people are less defined by social constructs,” ten Brink adds.  

5 New Beauty Trends to Try Right Now

For scents that properly give off the unisex vibe, Marc Jacobs Splash Rain ($62) goes on cool and collected thanks to notes of wet cut grass and tropical rain accord.

Your 2016 Beauty Forecast Delivered

Similarly, the Calvin Klein ck2 Eau De Toilette Spray ($40) brings on the sexy with notes of wasabi and sultry vetiver.

Bright And Bold Makeup

Unlike the barely-there trend we definitely noticed in 2015, makeup looks of 2016 are going to be a lot bolder and brighter. And while strobing is having a major moment, expect bright red lips to make a highly anticipated comeback.

“Try red lips, and subtle eyes,” recommends Vanessa Ungaro of LAUREN + VANESSA. “Your red lip can be anywhere from a subtle red/coral (LAUREN+VANESSA Lipstick in Red Carpet) to a striking deep crimson. Pair with some nude eye-shadow, and wake up your eyes with a voluminous mascara.”

And when it comes to eye looks, skip on the heavy shadow and pay more attention to your lashes. A great voluminous mascara will definitely be your go-to beauty essential this year, and it will be more than helpful in achieving that trendy look. 

“Lashes make a big difference and can really pump up a simple or dramatic makeup look,” says Katherine Dorn, makeup artist at Pierre Michel Salon. “Long, voluminous lashes are big this season, so If you want to amp up your natural lashes, grab a lash curler, some full lash mascara, and then curl for volume.”

Bold Nails

Nail looks and styles can vary depending on the seasons, but the new approach to nails will break the mold of the color rules we’re used to. Instead of coordinating your looks to certain occasions, women are now embracing a wide variety of off-kilter shades that can be worn almost anywhere.

“I think we will continue to see shades ranging from pigment-rich pastels to everything in-between, especially since color rules have been thrown out the window,” says Dineh Mohajer, founder of Smith & Cult. “I see women gravitating towards shades that are both soft and fresh, but also sweet pastels possessing a dark and stormy side.”

Keep Up with Korean Beauty Products

As Korean Beauty continues to win the internet (check out sites like Soko Glam!, Peach & Lily and Beauteue), you can definitely expect the movement to hang around. However, expect the exotic beauty trend to become even more mainstream than before. 

But why the sudden boom? Korean beauty boasts both a rare and exotic appeal, making them a must-have beauty item of the moment. And utilizing unique and “real” ingredients, the innovation of such products is usually what sets them apart from the rest.

“What makes Korean beauty stand out from other products is the innovation,” explains Charlotte Cho, Co Founder of Soko Glam! “Korean beauty is not just about a particular brand or a product category, but it also about the mindset and skin first philosophy which will have a lasting impact in the global beauty arena." 

5 New Beauty Trends to Try Right Now
Soko Glam

Korean beauty is constantly evolving, but experts like Charlotte Cho expect next level sheet masks, fermented skincare, and an emphasis on real ingredients, to reign supreme throughout the year. Plus as big retailers like Macy’s, Target and Sephora continuously hop in on the fun, you’ll see the growing influence the movement has generated. 

“There are so many exciting innovations that keep coming out of Korea that will continue to become popular in the states,” explains Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. “Korean beauty brands are continuing to influence non-Korean beauty brands, and these influences will keep K Beauty trends and innovations very strong into 2016.”