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Cringe-Worthy Makeup Mistakes We've All Made

Makeup is obviously a total lifesaver, but only when it's used right.

Clumpy lashes, contour lines and clown lips? Drawing on aggressive brows, wearing a foundation three shades too dark, and loading up those lashes? Not so good. We've all made slap slip-ups before (some of them worse than others, hello '90s) but luckily we think we've learned our lesson. Here are some makeup mistakes to avoid, for life.

In our teenage years, more was always more when it came to mascara, foundation, and a fake tan. Then we learned the real art of makeup – you know, where you don’t need to lay it on with a shovel to make yourself look pretty. Who knew? Here are the makeup mistakes to dodge. Stat.

Big Brows

Just because you weren't blessed with naturally bushy brows like Cara Delevingne, doesn't mean you have to reach for the darkest pencil you can find. The black Sharpie look is a definite no-no and will no doubt leave any MUA shaking in her boots.

Messy Lips

Gloopy lip gloss, overdrawn lip liner, and lipstick on your teeth. Ring any (alarm) bells?

Cringe-Worthy Make-Up Mistakes We've All Made

The Mascara Claw

We're convinced that if we just curl them one more time and add another layer, they'll finally look long. Except that never happens...

Our lashes scrunch up like a spider in a ball, grouping together until there's only three, clumpy lashes left standing. WHY?!

Foundation Lines

The perils of having zero natural light in your room. What you think looks all blended and beautiful indoors soon turns into a two-tone mess outside. Oh, and one of your friends will come up to you and start rubbing your face. It's probably best to just let it happen.

White Concealer

Cringe-Worthy Make-Up Mistakes We've All Made
Pinterest/Zoe Johnson

Concealer Lipstick

Nude lip, yes, but a cakey concealer pout? What were we thinking?

Fake Tan Faux Pas

There's no denying that fake tan has saved us from many a case of veiny winter legs. If only we knew when to stop with the face layers.

False Lashes

They cost $5.00 a pop, they're usually way too big for our eyes, and the glue smells like fish. Remind us why we wear them again? Oh yeah, so we can have photos with them hanging off our foreheads later on. Good one.

Cringe-Worthy Make-Up Mistakes We've All Made

Panda Eyes

The smudgy, grungy eye is all the rage. Fine. But if someone has to ask you if that makeup comes with a face whilst handing you a makeup wipe, accept your mistakes and move on.

Bright Pink Blush

After the bronzer comes the dolly pink blush right on the apples of the cheeks. CUTE.

Cringe-Worthy Make-Up Mistakes We've All Made


This involves literally turning your face into a 'paint by numbers' and like any creative arts activity, it always seems more fun than it is. We can't blend it properly so we do what any girl does in this situation. Add. More. Hello Snickers bar cheekbones.

Mascara Dots

We could have grabbed a cotton bud to clean up those dots but that would mean reapplying eyeshadow, so we'll leave them right there.

Cake It On

A girl never travels anywhere without her translucent loose powder compact. That stuff gets everywhere but it sure knows how to get rid of those shiny patches.

Cringe-Worthy Make-Up Mistakes We've All Made

Gappy Eyeliner

Eyeliner is just like a horse, it can sense your fear. If you go in with a shaky hand you're asking for trouble. It's safer to stay as far away from the roots of the lashes as possible, creating a gorgeous gap between lid and lashes. Yep, perfect.

Eyeshadow Up To The Brow

And no, of course it hasn't been blended with a Mac 217.