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These Mascara Hacks Will Save You from Smudgy Beauty Fails

Leave clumped lashes behind.

These Mascara Hacks Will Save You from Smudgy Beauty Fails

Mascara is key in achieving that romantic, wide-eyed look, but it’s one beauty tool that is applied more incorrectly than you think. And while it’s seemingly fool-proof instructions make it appear like it’s ridiculously easy to wear, just a few coats of any mascara can go from full and beautiful to clumpy and disastrous if you aren’t careful.

To help give your lashes sexy and luscious volume, here are some tips and pointers to steer you in the right direction.

Start At The Root

Believe it or not, most mascara fails start right at application, especially since most people sweep on mascara from the incorrect position. And while it makes sense to coat on your product from the tip of your lashes inward, it’s actually best to apply mascara from root to tip. Doing so can help build a foundation for lift and separation, according to Benefit Cosmetics’ Global Beauty Artist Jose Rivera.

“Always start with the top of the lashes and rotate the brush to coat and saturate the lashes, he says. “Then, proceed to go back underneath the lashes, and stretch and separate them using the tip of the wand.”

And while it’s tempting to skip out on applying mascara onto your bottom lashes, failing to do so can make your look appear unbalanced. For better application, Rachel Jo Silver, Birchbox’s Director Of Content Strategy and Social Marketing, recommends finding a brush that can grab your bottom lashes, without poking your eye in the process.

"Find a mascara that has a brush with short hard bristles (like W3LL People Expressionist Mascara) so you can have precision,” she says. “Hold the wand perpendicular to your eyes, and just use the tip to coat each lower lash.”

Avoid Dramatic Facial Movements When You Apply

Even your facial movements have an impact on that flawless mascara result, as one wrong move can lead to beauty blunders you’d rather not deal with. When applying your formula, it’s best to remain still and motionless. This helps nip smudges in the bud, before they wreak havoc on your eyelids.

“Applying with your mouth open making and making a funny face believe it or not leads to mistakes,” says Birchbox’s Rachel Jo Silver. “It’s best to apply with a closed mouth, and by tilting your neck back slightly, while looking downwards into a mirror." 

Layer Your Formulas

While most elongating formulas boast that faux lash look, one mascara alone usually doesn’t get the job done. For fuller looking lashes, experts like Rachel Jo Silver recommend layering your formulas, as two different brushes and formulas can help give you that dramatic lash shape.

“I see more dramatic results by combining two products,  instead of trying to find one mascara that does it all,” she says. “It's not just the formula, but also the brush shape, that lengthens or adds volume.”

Use These Tools

Chances are you’ve probably heard of the benefits of using a lash curler, but do you actually use it? And while it may be tricky to use such beauty essentials properly, other tools such as lash primers can also aid in giving lashes that sky-high look.

“Priming the lashes is paramount to the perfect fringe,” explains beauty artist Jose Rivera. “Benefit’s NEW They’re Real! Tinted primer, conditions the lash and builds a barrier for the mascara applied afterwards to glide on smoother, extend further, and look fuller in half the time.”

Experiment With Exciting Colors

If you really want to shake up your lash regimen, opting for a colorful shade outside of your comfort zone can really ensure a sultry and dramatic result. Blue mascara, for example, gives light lashes depth and dimension, while giving dark lashes that essential pop of color.

“If you are super fair with really light lashes, this will look costumey, but if you have dark black lashes like mine, the blue just adds a hint of color,” says Rachel Jo Silver. “I always get compliments when I wear blue mascara (like Benefit They're Real Beyond Blue), people can't quite put their finger on why they love my eye makeup that day.”

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