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Found It! Natural Looking Makeup for Blonde Eyebrows

It actually exists, ladies.

Found It! Natural Looking Makeup for Blonde Eyebrows

If you, like me, have light eyebrows, you probably struggle to find a pencil, powder or gel that doesn't make you look like you're about to host The Hunger Games. I wonder how the Sephora makeup artists keep a straight face after turning my eyebrows a deep gold or orange with their overpriced brow enhancer of choice.

Yes, blonde brows are the hardest to color-match but they'd also benefit the most from said products.

Found It! Natural Looking Makeup for Blonde Eyebrows

Which is why I was so excited to stumble upon Maybelline's Brow Drama Mascara in blonde. And no, they're not sponsoring this post—but I had to share the affordable find with anyone else who might be hunting. While no product is perfect for everyone, I have naturally dark blonde hair with matching eyebrows and this soft brown tint is the most natural I've found.

A little goes a long way, so you'll want to clean off the excess from the brush and lightly sweep it over your brows until you reach the level of darkness you desire. The extra cool thing about a gel versus a pencil or powder is that it actually sculpts the hairs and keeps them in place.

Now, if you have extra blonde brows, I recommend skipping this altogether and purchasing a clear mascara at your local drugstore, like this or this. I honestly have no idea who uses this "mascara" on their lashes—what. is. the. point.—but before my Maybelline discovery, it was my go-to brow makeup. You can not only shape your eyebrows but darken them just slightly in the same way wet hair is darker than dry. It's subtle but impactful and makes it easy to conform rebellious strays.

Give it a go! May the odds be ever in your favor.