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5 Makeup Tips to Step Up Your Selfie Game

Never have to use a filter again...

Let's face it, you have delete something like 200 pictures for every good Instagram-worthy selfie. So if you find that your selfie skills aren’t really up to par, maybe it’s time you upgraded your makeup — instead of blaming your imperfect nose for every bad picture.

Unlike the beauty releases of the past, new makeup products are keeping up with smartphone technology, making dreaded #makeupfails total history. Here’s some makeup tips guaranteed to help you take better photos.

Use a Selfie-Ready Foundation

5 Makeup Tips to Step Up Your Selfie Game

Foundations can be a slippery slope, as some products can leave your face with an oily sheen definitely visible in photographs. To avoid this noticeable greasy shine in your selfies, it’s best to find a mattifying foundation that leaves the fast luminous, without any oily residue.

We love the COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation as it contains oil-absorbing technology to keep your face matte and dry. This multitasking foundation also contains a radiance polymer, plus glow pigments, to boost your complexion.

Get Some Better Blush

Here's Some Photogenic Makeup Promising Better Selfies

Tired of clown-like cheeks ruining your pics? Instead of using powder blushes, try using a more controlled blush. Blusher sticks like the Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color allow you to evenly apply makeup onto your cheeks, without any smudges or awkward application. Also coming in a variety of shades, you can achieve that fully flushed, or barely-there look in minutes.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out

5 Makeup Tips to Step Up Your Selfie Game

We’ve all seen those Instagram glamazons posting complicated eye looks we can only dream of mastering. But truth is, most of us don’t have access to handfuls of eye shadow, and infinite amounts of brushes. Or the extra hour in the morning, let's be honest.

For photo-ready eyes, the best thing you can do is to keep your looks basic and simple. Of course we’re not discouraging you from trying any bold or theatrical looks, but keeping it easy makes your eyes a lot easier to photograph. For a minimal yet standout look, primp your eyes with black mascara, nude shadow and a lovely cat eye.

Rock Bolder Lips

Here's Some Photogenic Makeup Promising Better Selfies

If your lipstick is looking a bit sub-par in selfies, perhaps it’s time to switch over to more high-pigmented formulas. These colors tend to last longer than most lip shades, so when finding your shade of choice, be sure to go for a color that suits your tone. 

Not sure what product to pick? The Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick packs a colorful punch that doesn’t fade (bye touch-ups!) or budge throughout your day. However, when wearing a bold lip, be sure to keep your eye looks natural.  

Work on a Whiter Smile

5 Makeup Tips to Step Up Your Selfie Game

You can definitely turn to whitening strips and brightening toothpastes, but there are some handy DIY tricks to ensure a glowing smile easily. For starters, munching on some raw vegetables can actually help remove surface stains on the teeth.

But if you’d rather conceal stained teeth with the help of some makeup, try wearing a lip color (like red lipstick!) with blue undertones. Doing this allows your teeth to look instantly brighter.

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