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The 5 Most Important Beauty Rules to Live By

Forget the rest.

1. Don't Compare

5 Beauty Rules to Live By

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Just because she's beautiful doesn't mean you're not. There's not a limited supply. And while we're at it—there's no age or weight limit, either. Celebrate your beauty, celebrate her beauty, be grateful for your unique differences.

2. Wear As Much, or As Little, Makeup As You Want

5 Beauty Rules to Live By

Hate wearing makeup? Ditch it. It is not required to be the fabulous beings we are—and your bank account will probably thank you. Love makeup? Live in it. Even if that dude in your life says he prefers you without it. It's not his face.

3. Don't Take It Too Seriously

5 Beauty Rules to Live By

Wing your eyeliner! Wear bright coral lipstick! Dye your hair! Cut bangs! This is supposed to be fun, peoples.

4. You Do You

5 Beauty Rules to Live By

There is no wrong answer.

Except maybe those zig-zag headbands we wore in middle school, those were questionable answers...

5. Who Cares?

5 Beauty Rules to Live By

When I start to obsess over my imperfections, I'm comforted by Tina Fey's wise words, "If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: Who cares?" Seriously, who? Let's be real. Everyone is far too concerned with themselves to notice that you have a new wrinkle, new pimple or new pound. Anyone who matters knows you're beautiful and nothing is going to convince them otherwise.

Art by Tanya Leigh