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9 Beauty Experts Tell Us Which '90s Products They Loved (And Still Miss)

Yep, the '90s are back!

From the revival of mini buns, to matte brown lip shades popping up everywhere, it’s hard to deny that ‘90s beauty trends are making a comeback. So, to fully appreciate all lovely trends we adored almost 20 years ago (we know, it feels like yesterday!) we’re asking top beauty experts to dish on all the fads and products they miss most. Yep, we’re talking body glitter, Noxema cleansers, and all those funky Caboodles boxes you probably had stashed away in your Lisa Frank backpack.

Ready for a full dose of ‘90s nostalgia? Here’s what nine experts had to say about all those ‘90s beauty goodies we totally miss.

Roll-On Glitter

“While many of my beauty choices were very questionable (pancake makeup applied with a terry cloth sponge, frosted lipstick, all-over crimping) my favorite – and by far worst offense to the beauty industry as a whole – was roll-on glitter,” says  Anna De Souza, on-air reporter and host of The Clyck. “I bathed in roll-on glitter, and it brought me extreme happiness. Just think, I was strobing before my time!”

Calvin Klein CK One Fragrance, Hard Candy Nail Polish, and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


"I could talk '90s beauty products all day,” says Lara Eurdolian of PrettyConnected.com. “Back then I was religiously wearing CK One fragrance, Hard Candy nail polish in just about every pastel shade (and quite possibly the ring that came with it on my pinky), and Maybelline Great Lash mascara, of course." 

Prescriptives Makeup

“Back then, I was obsessed with all things Prescriptives,” says Kelly Gould of Gouldylox.com. “While the Flight Cream was beyond amazing for my dry skin, my favorite product was the basic Prescriptives Lipstick. I miss those little silver tubes, they were so elegant and bad-ass.”

Brown Lipstick

“I remember rocking deep berry, earth toned and nude shades of lipstick, along with dark lip liner of course,” says Jennifer Mathews of MyBeautyBunny.com. “All '70s and ‘80s babies probably remember the MAC lip pencil in Spice. To get a modern (and cruelty free) version of the look, try NARS Audacious lipstick in Ingrid, the NARS Velvet Lip Liner in Medano Beach, or Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Color in Thelmadora." 

Noxema Cleanser

“In the '90s, I was on my skincare game pretty early,” says Danielle Gray of The Style and Beauty Doctor. “I loved how smooth and fresh Noxema made my skin feel, not to mention the price didn't cost me my entire allowance." 


“The 90s hair accessory that I would love to see make a comeback would definitely be the scrunchie,” says Kristin Utterback, lead editor for Latest-Hairstyles.com. “It's a hair accessory that serves a great purpose to hold your hair back, AND it does minimal damage to your strands compared to lots of hair bands and elastics we use these days.”


The Body Shop Lip Balm

“The product I probably miss the most is The Body Shop Kiwi Lip Balm,” says Victoria Kirby, beauty director of Redbook magazine. “I went to an all-girls high school so no one bothered wearing makeup to school, but we all had our favorite flavor of those Body Shop lip pots stashed in our backpacks.”

Caboodles Box

“Caboodles to girls were like fishing tackle boxes for boys, two levels of your favorite beauty products and most secret treasures,” says Lauren E. Hack of LAUREN + VANESSA. “The best part was the mirror inside, where you and your friends could take turns trying on different eye shadows and lipsticks."