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Six Ways To Fix Your Hair Mistakes Fast  

Never have a bad day again.

Six Ways To Fix Your Hair Mistakes Fast  

We’d be totally lying if we said we haven’t suffered horrendous hair day sometime down the road, so if you’re anything like us, and are tired of hiding under baseball caps once the frizzies strike, know that there are other alternatives to salvage your locks before the freak out feels take over.

Now you don’t have to be an experienced hair guru to save your mane from an impending epic fail, but mastering the right (and simple!)  shortcuts definitely can make your frazzled strands a lot more manageable. For fast and easy hair hacks you can definitely rely on, here’s some essential tips to store inside your beauty arsenal.

Braid It

Whether your hair is oily or frizzy beyond belief, opting for a braid can be a handy solution to any kind of unfortunate hair situation. While two braids give off a playful and casual vibe, creating milkmaid and fishtail styles can really step it up. But no matter what braid style you choose, understand that this is one hairstyle that requires little to no touch ups, making it ideal for days when your hair has a mind of it’s own.

Try A Topknot  

Like braids, a fashion forward top knot is one style that can really kick that bad hair days to the curb. You don’t have to be hair genius to create such a look (all you’ll need is a brush, elastics, and some pins), but know that it’s one style that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Besides, a messy (and sexy!) top knot is always killer in our eyes!

Accessorize It

Headbands can be a godsend when your hair isn’t staying in place, so feel free to slide on any kind of band when updos and chignons clearly aren’t an option. But if basic headbands aren’t your thing, feel free to find fancier pieces to dress up your curls or waves.

Find Some Bobby Pins  

A total lifesaver, bobby pins can tweak lackluster hairstyles in a flash. Plus, also allowing you to create new styles (hello faux bobs and pumped up ponytails!) in minutes, there’s infinite ways to beat hair boredom thanks to this inexpensive hair essential. For the most extreme hair emergencies, simply stash some pins in your purse. That way you can avoid any kind of nasty disaster on the go.

Try Some Dry Shampoo  

Your colorist has probably schooled you on the dangers of washing your hair too frequently, so you probably are going to want to skip out on the daily shampoos. However, if your hair becomes kinda gross from shampooing less, dry shampoo is probably an investment worth making.

Soaking up oil and unwanted greasiness, trust either dry shampoo powders or sprays to revitalize dull and limp locks. Also adding in some buildable texture, dry shampoos can also give your hair some sexy lift and body fast.

Six Ways To Fix Your Hair Mistakes Fast  

Be sure to try this DIY Dry Shampoo too.

Wigs and Clip-On Extensions Work Too

But if you really want to hide any hair blunders (bad dye job anyone?) until further notice, whipping out some wigs or clip on extensions can surely save you from humiliation. Even if you oversleep or have a cringe-worthy haircut you’re desperately trying to grow out, using faux hair pieces like these can really save you time and effort in the morning.