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Fangirls Everywhere are Freaking Out Over CoverGirl's 'Star Wars' Collection

Beauty nerds everywhere just died a little.

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Have you been anxiously awaiting the return of the Jedis? Well there is big news in the galaxy... CoverGirl, in collaboration with Star Wars, is set to release a limited edition makeup line inspired by Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens. And staying true to the franchise, the collection is split into a light side and, gasp, a dark side. Start getting excited, in anticipation of the film's release, the limited edition collection will make it's way into our galaxy on Sept. 4.

FanGirls Everywhere are Freaking Out Over CoverGirl's Star Wars Collection

CoverGirl's global creative design director, Pat McGrath, brilliantly created two character-based looks in a Star Wars beauty series for the limited edition collection: For the Light side look, resembling a shiny, gold Droid, she used the Star Wars Colorlicious Lipstick in gold for a shimmery, metallic effect. She created the Dark side look with a Stormtrooper as inspiration, using the lipstick in dark purple. 

The Star Wars Limited Edition collection includes six shades of lipstick, three shades of nail polish, and two mascaras.

The limited edition lipsticks come in six shades: three light side shades (Lilac, Silver, Nude) and three on the dark side (Dark Purple, Gold, Red) - and for you beauty nerds out there, the packaging obviously resembles a mini light saber. The colors have a frosty, metallic finish and can be worn alone or layered over your favorite shade to add depth and texture so you can achieve an "out-of-this-world" look.

CoverGirl x Star Wars Collaboration

The nail glosses come in three high-shine shades, aptly named Speed of Light, Nemesis, and Red Revenge. 

Fangirls Everywhere are Freaking Out Over CoverGirl's 'Star Wars' Collection

The  mascara comes in a classic Dark side and a waterproof Light side formula. Both mascara formulas come in a variety of 10 limited edition tubes, each adorned with iconic Star Wars quotes - five from the Light side and five from the Dark side, including "May the force be with you" and "Immune to the light."

Purchase this limited edition collection, you will.