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I Tried Charlotte Tilbury's 'The Bombshell' Makeup Kit and Here's What Happened

"Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world." -Charlotte Tilbury

If you haven't tried makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's collection, you're truly missing out on one of the best beauty brands out there. The website is full of great products, easy tips and tricks and video tutorials and each individual product comes with a tutorial so absolutely anyone can use them. You can also shop one of CT's 10 signature looks, which come in gift boxes including everything you need and the site even includes a playlist to rock out to while you get ready. 

I tend to do a red lip with a black liner, so I chose 'The Bombshell' because it was the closest to my own signature look:

I should start by saying I am not a big fan of taking selfies and while I wasn't originally thrilled with the idea of sharing my own, personal experience with 'The Bombshell' kit, the results gave me the confidence to put it all out there. 

The Bombshell: Hollywood, champagne and diamonds. You wouldn’t be seen dead without your slick of red.

What I love about the CT signature look packages is that they include everything you need. Here's a look at what comes inside the 7-piece kit

Step 1: FACE

• Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blush in Sex on Fire

I started out with a clean face and moisturizer, and then applied the Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blusher in Sex on Fire. I especially love that the tutorials for the blushes are printed directly on the packaging making application completely fool-proof. You just swish around the outer color for structuring and then dab in the middle for a pop of color on the apples of your cheeks and you're good to go.

Step 2: EYES

• The Feline Flick Eyeliner in Panther

• Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil in Amber Haze

• Full Fat Lashes Mascara in Glossy Black

I was following along with 'The Bombshell' tutorial, so next came the eyes. I started by applying the Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil for Brown Eyes, Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Amber Haze to my lids. I loved how easy the color was to apply - it just glides right on, smudges easily and is perfect for layering if you are going for a darker shade. I am not great at keeping my hand steady while applying liner, so I stayed close to the tutorial for The Feline Flick Eyeliner Pen and it sleekly lined right over the shadow. It's worth nothing how dark the black pigment of the liner remained until I was ready to take it off. Lastly, I applied a couple layers of Full Fat Lashes Mascara in Glossy Black to finish my eyes - I was already a huge fan of this mascara because it gives major length and volume to my lashes but when paired with the liner and shadow, I am now a devout fan! In the end, I loved how much my dark brown eyes really popped against the golden shadow.

Get the Look: 'The Bombshell' from Charlotte Tilbury
I Tried Charlotte Tilbury's 'The Bombshell' Makeup Kit and Here's What Happened

Step 3: LIPS

 • Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Kiss 'N' Tell

 • K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in So Marilyn

 • Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Red Vixen

Finally, and most importantly, the signature red lip. Achieving 'The Bombshell' lip was a 3-step process starting with the Lip Cheat Re-Shape and Re-Size Lip Liner in Kiss 'N' Tell. After lining my lips (and cheating a little by over-lining is totally acceptable here if you desire a fuller pout) I filled in my lips with the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in So Marilyn and swept over some Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Red Vixen and I have to say, I was mildy obsessed with the final color - it wasn't too orange-y and it stayed really red until I took it off (which is pretty much the most important thing whenever you leave the house with a Taylor Swift-worthy red lip). 


Get the Look: 'The Bombshell' from Charlotte Tilbury

While I may not look exactly like the drop dead gorgeous Bombshell model Breeze Lance, I was pretty happy with the final look and so was my hubby (which is all that really matters, right?). The end result looked great, stayed put all night, was easy to achieve and will be easy to recreate over and over. 

If you're looking for a quick and easy beauty routine that is literally fool-proof, head over to Charlotte Tilbury and pick your own signature look. And be sure to come back and let me know which is your favorite!