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Found It! The Perfect Conditioner for Fine Hair

And it can be purchased at your local drugstore.


If you have long hair, conditioner is an absolute necessity. But for those of us with ultra-fine strands, it's nearly impossible to find a product that won't weigh down our locks. Not to mention, those heavy conditioners somehow don't even do a great job of detangling—I always need a leave-in spray post shower to successfully use a comb. Can you relate?

After wasting money on too many brands to count—high end, organic, drug store—I came across Pantene's Full & Strong Conditioner at CVS. I remembered reading an article from Paula's Choice recommending Pantene's conditioners despite salons swearing against them. So, for only about five bucks, I thought it was worth a shot.

Found it! A Fab Conditioner for Fine Hair

And it was. It has tons of slip and makes it easy to brush through hair with no extra detangling step required. The end result is a ton of shine without any weight. I waited a couple months to truly deem it "the best" and found I lost less hair on the daily and maintained swooshy layers that my hairdresser commended as very healthy. It also has that classic Pantene scent nobody can hate. (For an added bonus, I used it to shave my legs when I ran out of shaving cream and wound up with super silky skin.)

Sure, everyone's hair is different, but if you're on the hunt, it wouldn't hurt to give this bargain buy a go. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, this post is my personal opinion and not sponsored by Pantene. Though, if they're reading this, I wouldn't be opposed to a lifetime supply of conditioner.

Found it! A Fab Conditioner for Fine Hair