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How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

Are you doing your winter beauty routine all wrong?

How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

It wasn’t very long ago when we were enjoying long days at the beach, soaking in as much sun as we possibly could. But now that the chilling fall air is starting to pour in, your skin is probably feeling a lot different compared to when the weather was a lot warmer out.  

And sure the dipping temperatures have us stocking up on the thickest moisturizing creams we can find, but turns out that some of the biggest hidden beauty mistakes goes beyond failing to lotion up. Here are the beauty blunders you’re likely making over and over again — and how to fix them.

Taking Long Hot Showers

How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

The fall air tends to be lot dryer and colder, so naturally you’d want to beat the shivers and chills with a long and hot shower. But, despite it’s relaxing and soothing feel, warm and lengthy showers can cause some major problems for your skin, especially since warm water temperatures strip your skin from it’s natural and essential oils.

“Long hot showers actually dry the skin,” explains dermatologic surgeon and RealSelf contributor, Dr. Heidi Waldorf. “The heat and moisture dilate blood vessels and opens up pores-a common setup to lose moisture.”

To stop annoying moisture loss, Waldorf recommends applying a moisturizer on the skin after towel drying. Doing so helps replenish your skin with adequate hydration, while keeping dryness at bay. In addition, she also recommends looking for soaps and cleansers that won’t strip the important proteins and lipids, which ultimately makes up the skin layer.

Skipping Out On Sunscreen

How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

Sunscreen may seem like a summertime beauty staple, but you should definitely wear sunblock all year, especially since the sun’s harmful rays can strike at any moment.

“Although UVB levels are low in winter, UVA levels are still high," explains Dr. Waldorf.

To keep your skin shielded from the sun’s harmful rays, always look for broad spectrum products which offer maximum protection. Essentials like broad spectrum chap sticks, lotions and creams are definitely recommended, and you can also find broad spectrum foundations and concealers.

Failing To Take Care Of Your Hands

How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

While it’s easy to pump some moisture into your complexion, sometimes we often forget to give other areas of our body the same love and care. Constant hand washing and exposure to cold air and heated environments can really do a number on our hands. Plus, failing to take care of them is a beauty blunder both men and women continuously make.

“The combination of dry cold air outside, dry forced air heat inside and repeated hand washing causes cracked and dry hands,” says Dr. Waldorf. “Start protecting them by using a moisturizer that hydrates and seals in hydration.”

Not Using A Lip Ointment

How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

Like the delicate skin surrounding our hands, the thin skin of our lips often gets neglected as well. And with everyday actions like wearing drying lipsticks and constantly licking your lips, it can be hard to keep areas like this supplied with proper moisture.

“Longer wearing lipsticks and lip stains tend to be drying,” says Waldorf. “Add the very common habit of lip-licking and stuffy nose-induced mouth breathing, and it's a setup for severely chapped lips.”

While you may have your go-to lip balm tucked away inside your bag, knowing when to apply your product is even more important. For improved lip care, Waldorf recommends applying on your balms and salves after drinking liquids, and before bedtime.  

“Be sure to have a moisturizing lip product to reapply after drinking liquids and apply a thick ointment to protect them at night,” she says.

Not Using Better Beauty Practices 

How To Fix Your Biggest Cold Weather Beauty Mistakes

To practice better beauty habits this upcoming winter season, it’s wise to employ simple yet effective hacks into your beauty routine. For starters, using hair conditioner as a shaving cream helps maximize skin's moisture during harsh winter months, according to Birchbox beauty expert and Youtube star Tati Westbrook.

Overnight beauty treatments are also crucial in achieving plump and supple skin, so for a radiant and hydrated complexion, Westbrook suggests using sleeping masks to help your skin bounce back from the drying (and aging!) heat.

“Overnight treatments are an amazing thing to add to your beauty routine," she says. “Be sure to try a sleeping mask to plump and renew your skin while resting.”

And if annoying hair static caused by dry and frigid winter temperatures has got you down, Westbrook says you can get fast relief thanks to the help of a dryer sheet and some hair serum.

“If pulling a sweater over your head leaves your hair in a static mess, wipe a dryer sheet through your strands, then use a pump of your favorite hair serum to keep things looking shiny and smooth.”

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