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This Trick Actually Works to Fix Self Tanner Mishaps

And you only have to go as far as your bathroom counter.

This Trick Actually Works to Fix Fake Tanner Mishaps

Despite its generally unpleasant smell and equally unpleasant application process, I rely on the magic of self tanning lotion to mask my winter white body. Formerly a Jergens fan, my friend recently introduced me to Bare Minerals Faux Tan. It truly was as amazing as reviewed—in one application it gave a deep but natural glow that managed to last all week without any uneven fading. Yessss.

There was only one hiccup. Despite being warned by the same friend to use latex gloves or a mitt for application (something I never needed with Jergen's gradual tanner) I got bold and figured I'd work fast enough to get the gunk off my hands before it stained.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

After thoroughly rubbing the lotion into my legs, my palms and fingers were left very dark and very splotchy. Hot water and soap literally did nothing as I began to internally panic.

Fortunately, I remembered reading somewhere that toothpaste would remove any unwanted tanning lotion marks. I had never tried it, but in an act of desperation I reached for the Colgate whitening toothpaste that was lying on my bathroom counter. I squirted a dollop into my hands and used it like a cleanser. Cha-ching! There was no sudsing but it managed to erase every last spot and even made my nails look strangely shiny.

This Trick Actually Works to Fix Fake Tanner Mishaps

Now, I wouldn't recommend this tactic for anyone's face or on particularly sensitive skin—but for rookie hand and arm discolorations, it works like a charm.