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25 Stylish Diaper Bags For The Chic Parent

Calling all chic parents: You need one of these 25 stylish (yet functional) diaper bags.

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Attention parents: You no longer have to sacrifice functionality for style. This is especially true when it comes to finding that perfect on-the-go diaper bag that’s as chic as you are. In fact, within the past few years, diaper bags have become much more fashionable (but remain just as functional!) to cater to the fashionable audience of mommas out there (see? It is possible to be the cool mom after all!).  But with so many options out there, it can be difficult albeit overwhelming to narrow down the best of the best when it comes to diaper bags for the stylish parent.

When it comes to finding that perfect diaper bag, there are four main factors to consider: Price, quality, and practicality, and overall style. Since diaper bags aren’t necessarily timeless classics you’ll have for years (unless your diaper bag happens to be a Chanel tote — if so, can I have it?).  Besides, they’ll most likely get stained super quickly, so you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune on them, which is why affordability is key. However, there are so many retailers out there thanks to the Internet, which means finding an affordable bag for any budget has never been easier. Next, you’ll want to consider the quality of the purse. If the diaper bag’s material looks and/or feels too thin or appears easily rippable, you may want to reconsider your other options before you shell out the dough. After all, you’ll want a bag that’s as strong as you are, and that’s able to handle spills, wears and tears, bumps, and everything in between, because hey, that’s parenting. Then, there’s the practicality aspect. You want a diaper bag that’s practical and that’s meant for everyday use: No fusses, bells and whistles, or nooks and crannies: Basically, you want a diaper bag that can get the job done as well as you can. Lastly, consider style! You want a bag that matches your own personal style. For example, if you love a laid-back look with minimal accessories, perhaps a bedazzled diaper bag isn’t for you. Of course, each person has different preferences when it comes to style, so each mom will have their own different wants/needs when it comes to finding their very own gorgeous diaper bags. 

All in all, the diaper bag hunt should be fun — and as hassle-free as possible. Check out our top picks for the 25 most stylish diaper bags for the chic parents.

Skip Hop Madison Square Diaper Tote

This bag is a combination of a minimalist’s and a neutral lover’s dream. The sleek (vegan) leather pocket perfectly complements the subtle grey checkerboard pattern. The tote is takes a boxy shape, and serves up a fresh, modern take of the quintessential, old-school functional diaper bag that your mom used to have. Aside from the style, the bag is all things practical, complete with a front leather pocket for easy access to toys for baby and backs for mom. The main compartment is wide enough to fit just about anything, too. What’s more, the zipper ensures nothing falls out and that all the essentials are safely stashed away. The bag also fits easily over the shoulder, which means your hands are free to do as they please, whether it be holding your baby, talking on the phone, or simply relaxing your arms.

Skip Hop Madison Square Diaper Tote, $79.99, Target

 'Love' Water Resistant Nylon Diaper Tote

The dark magenta hue of this diaper bag makes for a stylish statement wherever you may go (perhaps it’ll even district others from your toddler’s meltdown, but alas, I digress). The best part of this diaper bag, though, is its versatility. The geometric pattern of the quilting makes for a durable, water-resistant tote. Carry it cross-body, wear it on your shoulder, hold it on your arms, or wear it on your hand, depending on your own personal preference. For even more convenience, hang the tote over your kiddo’s stroller. What’s more, the pockets make for convenient access to plenty of storage space. And, the bag also includes a changing pad, because you can never be too prepared as a mom.

'Love' Water Resistant Nylon Diaper Tote, $92, Nordstrom

Rosie Pope Highbury Hill Diaper Backpack

The sleek zippered accents on the tote, combined with the equally as chic pink leather make for a one-of-a-kind tote you’ll never want to stow away, even as your kids get older. Carry it from its handles, or wear it on your back. The backpack even includes an optional mesh organizer, a bottle cooler, and an easy-to-clean changing pad. Essentially, this tote is a busy mom’s dream come true.

Rosie Pope Highbury Hill Diaper Backpack, $159.99, Nordstrom

'Lucinda' Diaper Bag Leather Tote

This leather diaper bag is a minimalist's dream. It’s spacious and makes for easy organization thanks to the multiple pockets, a side-zip insulated bottle compartment, and a machine-washable changing mat. If the tote gets dirty, all you have to do is clean it with a wipe, and you’re good to go.

'Lucinda' Diaper Bag Leather Tote, $310, Nordstorm

Glam Goldie Diaper Backpack

Whether you prefer a dark navy or a light green (if you’re feeling risky enough), this durable tote is perfect for everyday use and comes in a plethora of colors. So yes, it is possible to look boho-chic and effortless whilst carrying your child’s toys and diapers: Who knew? The multiple interior pockets and pouch make storing items a breeze. What’s more, the tote also features an insulated pocket just for bottles, as well as a matching changing mat to help make playdate, park time, and any outings as easy as can be when you have a little one with you.

Glam Goldie Diaper Backpack, $131.95, Nordstrom

Greenwich Convertible Diaper Backpack

If you only wear pink, you’ll love this chic diaper bag. Stylish and practical, this spacious diaper bag allows you to keep yours and baby's daily essentials organized with plenty of interior and exterior pockets. A shimmering lining and optional stroller clips are easy to wipe clean, and perfect for a mom who's always on the go.

Greenwich Convertible Diaper Backpack, $100, Nordstrom

The Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack

Name a better combination than black and gold. Nothing? I didn’t think so. Besides the sleek and sophisticated pattern, the backpack itself is designed for optimal storage and organization for all of your and your baby’s essentials. There’s a water-repellent pocket specifically made for wet items, so say goodbye to unwarranted leaking (they will not be missed). There’s also a changing mat, an insulated two-bottle holder for long days out of the house, a detachable key fob, and a removable zip pacifier pouch. On-the-go convenience has never been so chic.

The Green Label Tyve Diaper Backpack, $134.95, Nordstrom

Boss Faux Leather Diaper Bag

Calling all stripe-lovers: This diaper bag was practically made for you. Although the tote is lightweight, it’s super spacious, meaning there’s tons of room for whatever items you may need. Plus, the pockets makes being organized as easy as ever, which is always a huge plus when you’re scrambling for that one toy that actually makes your child stop crying for once. The tote is also waterproof, so no need to worry about leaks, rain, or anything else that may come your way. You’re basically invincible with this trusty diaper bag by your side, right?  

Boss Faux Leather Diaper Bag, $164.99, Nordstrom

Ever Collection Forever Faux Leather Diaper Backpack

Calling all burgundy lovers: This diaper bag was practically made for you. Although the backpack is lightweight, it’s super spacious, meaning there’s tons of room for whatever items you may need. Plus, the pockets makes being organized as easy as ever, which is always a huge plus when you’re scrambling for that one toy that actually makes your child stop crying for once. The cruelty-free bag is also waterproof, so no need to worry about leaks, rain, or anything else that may come your way. You’re basically invincible with this trusty diaper bag by your side, right?  

Ever Collection Forever Faux Leather Diaper Backpack, $180, Nordstrom

'Legacy BFF' Diaper Bag

Are you all about funky prints and patterns? If so, this diaper bag will become your new BFF (and there’s totally no shame in that, either). The diaper bag, complete with a pocket just for your phone, is designed for modern mommas and their babies, and combined technology, functionality, and style all together for a one-of-a-kind bag. There’s bottle pockets designed to keep meals warm or cold, as well as a memory foam (!) changing pad treated with antimicrobial agION® technology. And as if this bag couldn’t be anymore amazing, the pockets each have light-colored linings so you can easily spot what you need when you’re in a hurry. And last but not least, there’s innovative crumb drains to prevent dirt from building up (because manually cleaning your diaper bag is so 2018).

Legacy BFF Diaper Bag, $90 - $180, Nordstrom

Strand Sprout Diaper Bag

For the no nonsense mom, the Strand Sprout Diaper Bag by Herschel is a no-brainer. One reviewer raves: "I have three kids and this is the first diaper bag that I have found that I love. This diaper bag is super sturdy without being really heavy and the interior is really cute as well. The changing pad is also top shelf with it's side compartments for spare diapers, baggies for poopy diapers, and ointment all fitting perfectly. It's also heavy duty and big enough that it covers the entirety of all of those random gross changing tables (or in dire straights disgusting bathroom floors) so that your baby's bare skin is totally shielded from the surface areas."

Strand Sprout Diaper Bag, $99, Amazon

3-in-1 Foldover Diaper Tote

This diaper bag is a 3-in-1, meaning it’s ready to take on the world-- just like you are. Wear it as a hand-held tote, crossbody bag, or a backpack. The tote is completely water resistant (and even has an added embellishment in the form of leather trimming!) and makes for a practical and stylish essential when it comes to playdates, errands, and more. Three cheers for functionality, organization, and chicness!

3-in-1 Foldover Diaper Tote, $158, Nordstrom

Watson Lane Stevie Extra-Large Diaper Bag

Tackle even the messiest of messes with your handy-dandy diaper tote. The bag is made of black nylon and is trimmed with black faux leather for an added fashionable touch, too. The gold-tone embellishments on the exterior make for a sophisticated-on-the-outside look, while the inside contains a removable changing pad and three pockets. There’s also an additional two pockets on the sides of the bag for easy-access to essentials.

Kate Spade New York Watson Lane Stevie Extra-Large Diaper Bag, $100, Macy’s

Iconic Ultimate Diaper Bag 

The denim/navy look and feel of this diaper bag makes it a head-turning statement piece in the best way possible. There’s a hidden slip pocket right on the outside so your phone is always an arm’s reach away, a foldable changing pad that fits seamlessly into the tote, removable straps, insulated side pockets, and a “ditty bag” making cleanup time no big deal and as stress-free as can be.

Iconic Ultimate Diaper Bag, $158, Vera Bradley

Camama Diaper Bag Tote

If you love making a statement, you need this diaper bag. The bag includes a changing pad, a (removable) bottle holder, pacifier pouch, and of course. absolutely amazing monkey keychain for your baby to play with. There’s also five (!) interior pockets, so you can sleep soundly knowing everything is stored away where it’s supposed to be. Wear it on the shoulder for hands-free convenience, or hold it by its handles. Whatever floats your boat.

Camama Diaper Bag Tote, $79.99, TJ Maxx

Diaper Bag Tote

What’s not to love about this easy-breezy, lightweight diaper tote? The bag features a whopping 11 pockets, a changing pad, a thermal-insulated bottle pocket, a pacifier pocket, and multicolored zippered pockets making any and all essentials easy to find without the stress-inducing feeling of rummaging through your bag. Plus, the boho-centric pattern makes for a super easy pulled-together look.

Diaper Tote Bag, $29, Amazon

Polly Baby Diaper Bag

This neutral yet pulled-together look of tan brown leather — designed in Australia — will make this diaper bag feel like a normal tote bag for non-mommas. Large, zippered pockets allow for easy storage, and the vegan leather allows for a hassle-free clean. Plus, the bag is huge: No need to worry about cramming everything in and worrying about spillage (the struggle is too real).

Polly Baby Diaper Bag, $99.97, Amazon

Fashion Diaper Bag 

Lightweight fabric allows for simple, stress-free traveling, no matter how far you and your little one may be going. The diaper bag is any organized mom’s dream: Complete with 12 pockets and a main compartment designed for baby wipes, diapers, bottles, and other baby must-haves. There’s also a changing pad disguised as a small clutch inside the tote. The “clutch” also has pockets that’ll fit 1-2 diapers, wipes, and creams.

Fashion Krauss Fashion Diaper Bag, $69.99, Amazon

Momcozy Breast Pump Bag

This bag is everything and more when it comes to defying diaper bag expectations. It features a special opening designed specifically for breast pumps, 12 additional pockets, three insulated slots for bottles, and a pocket designed for your laptop or notebook, making work and errands a thousand times easier. Thankfully, the bag is wear and tear resistant and waterproof, so it can basically tackle any and all messes you could dream of.

Momcozy Breast Pump Bag, $34.99, Amazon

Mommore Diaper Bag 

Forget the LBD, it’s all about the LBDP (yes, the little black diaper bag). It’s sleek, chic, and functional for everyday use, meaning it’s absolutely perfect for mommas everywhere. Baby bottles easily slide into the two side pockets, making feeding time as fuss-free as possible. You can also store your own essentials in the back pocket, whether it be your favorite novel, your cellphone, or extra snacks (who doesn’t love extra snacks?). Plus. the bag is complete with a matching black changing pad, so you’ll never be unprepared.

Mommore Diaper Bag, $46.99, Amazon

'Super Be' Diaper Bag

This lightweight diaper bag is the perfect bright and bold shade of blue, but that’s just the icing on the cake. The bag is designed to be as functional as possible, with exterior and interior pockets, an antimicrobial lining, and a coated exterior that helps to repel any and all stains. Basically, this bag is just as sharp as you are, making it a must-have essential for juggling babies, errands, work, and everything in between.

'Super Be' Diaper Bag, $28.98, Nordstrom

Robyn Convertible Diaper Backpack

Smart and sophisticated, this bag was practically designed for the tech-loving, uber fashionable parent. The patterned exterior screams “cool,” while the zip pockets and interior insulated pockets (which keep bottles at the correct temperature for hours on end), scream savvy. Either attach the bag to your stroller, or carry the structured silhouette across your shoulder. Bonus: The water-resistant bag also includes a machine washable padded changing mat, as if it couldn’t be any more amazing.

Robyn Convertible Diaper Backpack, $85, Nordstrom

'Emma' Leather Diaper Bag

This stylish tan leather tote has everything you could ever want or need in a diaper bag. From an insulated bottle pocket, a padded changing mat, and several compartments to keep baby’s essentials organized, you can feel confident and ready to take on the world with this diaper bag by your side. Plus, the bag is water-resistant and easy-to-clean: All you have to do is wipe it down! Use it for days out with the baby, running errands around the neighborhood, or even as a weekender bag.

'Emma' Leather Diaper Bag, $100, Nordstrom

'Everything' Faux Leather Diaper Bag

TBH, this diaper bag looks more like a chic, sophisticated purse, but I’m not complaining about it one bit. Stash away any of your kiddos’ toys/snacks/bottles in a breeze, and stow away the foldable changing pad inside the bag for whenever it may come in handy (hey, now that you’re a mom, you never know!). The eco-friendly albeit insanely stylish diaper bag works for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying a family meal out to dinner, or meeting a friend in the park for a playdate.

Everything Faux Leather Diaper Bag, $169.99, Nordstrom


Frankie Diaper Bag

This sophisticated faux leather bag is perfectly crafted to be water-resistant, which means it's (basically) invincible. There's a built-in insulated pocket specifically for baby bottles that can keep them warm or cold for up to four hours. There's also a changing mat, perfect for on-the-go diaper changes. Wear it crossbody, hold it by the handles, or attach it to your stroller so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting (for once). 

Frankie Diaper Bag, $85, Nordstrom

We hope you love these diaper bags as much as we do! Just so you know, Livingly may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.