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The 12 Best Backpack Diaper Bags To Buy In 2019

Backpacks aren't just for kids anymore.

What’s not to love about backpacks? They’re stylish, convenient, and all in all the perfect hands-free option for anyone who’s always on the go — especially busy mommas. Moms everywhere will appreciate the functionality and style of a backpack diaper bag, while also relishing in the benefits of being hands-free, which means there’s more time for playing and less hassle when it comes to getting you and the baby ready for a long day out and about. Moral of the story? Backpacks aren't just for kids anymore. 

However, with so many innovative backpack diaper bags out there on the market, you’ll want to do your research before making your purchase. For example, since you’ll be wearing it across your back and shoulders all day, you’ll want a diaper bag that’s lightweight but also durable enough to avoid any rips and/or wears and tears (because, let’s face it, things can get messy when infants are involved!). Plus, it’s no secret that every mom needs her handy-dandy backpack diaper bag in order to continue to slay everyday. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to avoid any back and shoulder pains at all costs, so strong backpack straps are an absolute must-have when it comes to picking a backpack diaper bag. 

With so many on the market (literally thousands across the Internet!)  it can be hard to choose the best backpack diaper bag for your everyday needs, but, we’re here to help. Check out our list of the absolute best backpack diaper bags to buy in 2019, from the most innovative, the most tech-savvy, the most stylish bags, to the most versatile, and more. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that whichever backpack diaper bags you choose to use, you truly cannot go wrong with any one of these 12.

Now, happy shopping, mommas!

Pathway Backpack Diaper Tote

This backpack also magically converts into a cross-body bag, depending on what your style is/how you want to wear it. The two-tone canvas adds for a chic, understated look, and we're absolutely obsessed with the look and feel of the pink edition of the bag. However, if you're not a fan of the pink, the backpack also comes in three other color combinations — all amazing choices. What's more, the coated exterior is water-resistant, so no need to worry about any messes or spills. If the bag does get dirty, simply wipe it clean for quick and easy cleanup. The backpack is also completed with exterior and interior pockets, which makes staying organized a breeze. In addition, the backpack comes with a laptop sleeve and a removable changing pad, so you're always prepared (and, you can always have your laptop handy!) Plus, with easy over-the-shoulder access, schlepping around a diaper bag is, well, no longer a schlep. 

Pathway Backpack Diaper Bag Tote, $159, Nordstrom

Hartland Faux Leather Convertible Diaper Backpack

Whether you're running errands around town or enjoying a playdate in the park, this chic yet functional backpack is an absolute must-have, especially if you're a parent. Keep your baby's toys and accessories neatly organized within the bag thanks to its signature pod system, which features separate compartments for changing and feeding time needs. If you'd rather, you can also remove the pods (two regular sized ones and one mini) for even more space. Plus, the backpack also comes with an easy-to-fold changing pad in case there's any surprise accidents that happen while you're on-the-go (it happens to all of us). In addition to wearing the backpack on your shoulder, adjust the straps to wear it as either a crossbody bag, a messenger bag, or, if you're looking for a hands-free option, simply attach it to your stroller. And, how could you not fall in love with the faux leather exterior? It takes chic to a whole new level. 

Hartland Faux Leather Convertible Diaper Backpack, $145, Nordstrom

Nylon Convertible Diaper Bag

What's not to like about this trendy star pattern? The black fabric makes the pattern more grown-up and sophisticated looking. Personally, we love a good pattern, but also appreciate a plain ol' neutral bag. Luckily, this backpack provides the best of both worlds. The backpack is designed for maximum storage and organization, complete with several interior as well as exterior pockets. Plus, the bag is perfect for mommas who are working on the go-- it even has a padded sleeve specifically for your laptop. The straps themselves are adjustable, too, so if you notice your shoulders starting to hurt, simply adjust the straps and/or clip it to the stroller. And as if you couldn't love the bag anymore, there's also a removable changing mat as well as a variety of zip and mesh pockets. Three cheers for functionality and versatility! 

Nylon Convertible Diaper Bag, $165, Nordstrom

Mini Convertible Diaper Bag

If you love anything metallic and are always on the lookout for statement-making accessories, we've found your backpack diaper bag soulmate. Freshly Picked's adorable, stylish mini backpack has everything you could ever want in a diaper bag — all compacted into one small size. Although it may be small, the backpack itself provides mighty value. You can wear it three ways: Over your shoulders, crossbody, or as a regular backpack. Plus, it happens to be packed with plenty of pockets for any and all baby and kid essentials. There's an exterior zip pocket right in the front, perfect for easy-access to essentials including your phone, a pacifier, snacks, and anything else you want to add in there. There's also an exterior slip pocket so you can easily slide in any essentials that may come in handy in the moment (for example, glasses, headphones, a baby bottle, and so on). What's more, the protective metal feet on the very bottom under the backpack help provide sturdiness and structure, so you'll never have to worry about your bag breaking out of the blue. 

Mini Convertible Diaper Bag, $100, Nordstrom

Simply Chic Diaper Backpack

Not only does this bag provide endless functionality, it also provides effortless style to boot. The bag comes in four neutral shades, which means you can't go wrong with any of the choices. It's chic, understated, yet sophisticated that rivals any fancy-schmancy designer backpack or purse out there on the market. This backpack is also clean-lined, which means that messes are now as hassle-free as ever, because who has the time or patiences to spend so long cleaning a diaper bag for it just to get dirty again? The bag is also complete with an easy-access zip pocket, a cushioned changing pad, and can hold tablets/laptops up to 15", so your baby can spend hours on edge watching YouTube videos on your iPad for the sake of "entertainment." Hack: Use the fun tassel charm as an on-the-go toy for your child to play with. It's genius, trust me. 

Simply Chic Diaper Bag, $99.99, Nordstrom

Disney Diaper Bag 

Calling all Disney fanatics: You're going to want to check out these Disney-themed backpacks. They either come in an absolutely delightful Mickey and Minnie Mouse print or an equally-as-adorable Winnie the Pooh pattern. Both bags are complete with a magnetic closure for easy opening and closing; plus, the closure also happens to be soundless, so that way mom doesn't wake the baby if she needs to grab something from the bag — it's a smart touch, if you ask us. And if you couldn't be any more obsessed with the backpack, it also comes with a portable changing station, a wipe case, and plenty of pockets, because it's all about convenience. In the event that there is a spillage or dirt on the bag, simply spot clean it. And, even though this bag is a bit of a splurge, it's totally worth it in the end. Trust us, your baby will love this backpack as much as you do, because Disney is life. 

Disney Diaper Bag, $215, Nordstrom

Highbury Hill Diaper Backpack

The textured faux leather exterior of this diaper backpack is what totally sets it apart. The backpack comes in either a blush or navy hue, both of which are equally as stylish and chic, so you really can't go wrong with either one. And although the exterior features a textured leather material, the backpack is (thankfully) easy to clean since it's complete with water-resistant lining. Plus, it closes easily and is completely secure with a drawstring closure and magnetic flap for added security and to ensure no baby items fall out unexpectedly. Perhaps, though, the best part about this diaper bag (aside from the trendy exterior) happens to be the sparkly silicone changing pad, which is a stand-out accessory in its own right. 

Highbury Hill Diaper Backpack, $159.99, Nordstrom

Skip Hop GREENWICH Simply Chic Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop's backpack diaper bag brings a whole new meaning to the term 'spacious.' With stretchy internal side pockets, a large central pocket, and plenty of room, you can fit almost anything and everything within this diaper bag, from baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and, most importantly, tons of snacks (!). In addition to its spacious interior, the tan cruelty-free leather exterior is absolutely to-die-for in terms of classic style. Thanks to this backpack diaper bag, on-the-go convenience has never been, well, more convenient.

Skip Hop GREENWICH Simply Chic Diaper Backpack, $100.99, Target

DV Backpack Diaper Bag

With two large interior pockets, you no longer have to worry about cramming up your diaper bag-- this bag can comfortably hold it all and then some. The bag closes securely using a drawstring, flap, and magnetic closure, which means added protection against products falling out by accident (been there, done that). The sturdy Nylon fabric means added structure and security. And, if your shoulders get sore easily from carrying backpacks, you'll be happy to know that this backpack' straps are padded with Nylon, which means less strain on the body and more support. Lastly, the bag has two exterior zipper pockets specifically designed for essential items, as well las two side faux leather pockets for any other products that may not fit so comfortably in the bag. For added practicality, hang the bag easily on the stroller and enjoy being hands-free, even if just for a few minutes, because #momlife. 

DV Backpack Diaper Bag, $39.99, Target

City Diaper Bag

Our favorite aspect of this diaper backpack, aside from its bright yet neutral hue, is for sure the fact that there's not one, but two zippered front pockets.The vegan leather adds for a textured feel and a stylish look, while the zippered accents are both practical and chic. The backpack features a large insulated pocket specially designed for snacks and/or bottles, and also includes five interior pockets to avoid clutter and help you stay organized. The bag also comes with a changing pad as well as a wipe pocket, making changing time as seamless as possible, even if you're on the go. When it comes to messes (because, let's face it, there will be messes!), the wipeable lining ensures easy cleanups. All moms deserve a bag that's as chic, convenient, and practical as this one. 

City Diaper Bag, $149.99, Target 

Dual Compartment Backpack Bag

We've never met a metallic bag we didn't like, and that statement holds true for this adorable backpack. It's not explicitly labeled as a diaper bag, but with its detachable pocket and sleek leather exterior, the shoe fits. The backpack has three wide pockets to ensure no clutter or stress and that everything is in its place. Plus, the backpack straps are adjustable which means you can kiss goodbye any soreness, aches, or pains as you carry it around all day with your baby in tow. 

Dual Compartment Backpack Bag, $39.99, TJ Maxx

Faux-Leather Diaper Bag

Freshly Picked's sleek vegan leather diaper bag is everything you could want and/or need when it comes to a diaper bag. With adjustable detachable shoulder and backpack straps, it's designed for optimal functionality, which makes it a must-have essential for any momma out there. It also features TEN total pockets. Essentially, every item and baby essential will have its own home within this diaper bag, so you can keep track of all your belongings with ease.

Faux-Leather Diaper Bag, $175, Bloomingdale's

We hope you love these backpack diaper bags as much as you do! Just so you know, Livingly may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.