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You Know You're A Gemini When...

Fun, intelligent, curious and carefree.

As we move through spring and the temperatures start to rise, we joyfully enter Gemini season ready to mix and mingle. Gemini is a vivacious air sign keen on socializing who loves a good adventure, as well as a good party. If you're a Gemini yourself, you already know you don't need anyone to show you how to have a good time. 

You are as social as they come.
While sometimes you need your space as we all do, most of the time you prefer a social setting to being alone. You're an extrovert and thrive in situations filled with lots of conversation and laughter. Socializing is just what you do. 

You're extremely talkative.
Speaking of conversation — very few signs can chat it up quite like a Gemini. In fact, once you get going, there is sometimes no telling when you'll stop. I mean, your sign's ruling planet is Mercury—the planet of communication—after all.

You can adapt to almost any situation.
Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning you usually can just go with the flow and adjust to your surroundings. This definitely helps you in all those social settings.

You Know You're A Gemini When...

Friends may sometimes think you're fickle.
As a Gemini, you're very non-attached. This doesn't mean you don't value your friendships, but you are also hard to lock down. You may be the one that suddenly cancels on plans in order to attend something else, or you may have no problem hanging out with people your posse doesn't like. Others may not understand, but you know it has nothing to do with how you feel about your friends. 

You value your personal freedom.
Ain't nobody going to hold YOU down. 

You can be a total flirt.
I mean...if the shoe fits, right?

You HATE being bored.
To you, nothing is worse than being bored (or boring). Whether it's a crazy new restaurant or a cross-country road trip — you're always game for a fun, new adventure.

You're a thinker.
And sometimes an overthinker. As an air sign, thoughts and ideas are your way of life, so it's only natural!

It's hard for you to make decisions.
See above.

And once you do, that doesn't mean you won't change your mind.
Hate to say it, Gemini, but you are the master of starting something, abandoning it a few weeks later, only to start something new, abandon it, and repeat. Not only are you not a fan of repetition (ironic, I know), but you're always so full of ideas that it's hard to you to stick to just one thing.

You have two sides.
Gemini is depicted by twins facing opposite directions, representing Gemini's dual nature. You most likely have two sides: one that is playful and fun-loving, and one that is serious with some majorly intellectual thoughts. You may catch others off guard sometimes, as they may be expecting one side only to be greeted by the other instead.

You're full of energy.
Of all the planets in our solar system, Mercury (your ruling planet) orbits the quickest around the sun. Therefore, your high energy levels should come as no surprise. Whether it's a new environment or idea, you have the energy to quickly move onto whatever comes next. 

But sometimes it's nervous energy.
With all those racing thoughts, who could blame you?

You are curious.
You want to explore, learn, and understand — anything to feed the hunger of your inquisitive mind.

You're the life of the party.
Not only are you always up for a party, but you also are the party. With your carefree attitude and desire to have some good old fashion fun, you know how to get a party going unlike anyone else.

You're forever young.
*queue song*