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14 Things Every Gemini Is Guilty Of

Everyone admires Geminis. Individuals with this zodiac sign are outgoing, full of life and are absolutely hysterical. They're the people you look up to because they're so charming and stand out amongst the crowd. However, not everyone is perfect, and this also goes for Geminis. Here's what every Gemini is guilty of.

Being a Little Bit All Over the Place

Geminis just can't stay focused on one thing for long. So when you're having a conversation with them don't be surprised if they randomly start discussing something completely irrelevant to the original topic. They're not trying to be rude!

Sometimes Scaring People with Their Enthusiasm

14 Things Every Gemini Is Guilty Of

They're so outgoing that their high energy can come off as intimidating or overbearing. But give them a second chance. Gemini's are optimistic by nature - they can't help that they're so excited about life.

Saying the Punch Line Before the Person Telling the Joke

People with this Zodiac sign love to be the life of the party. They were probably the class clowns of your grade, which means they also like to steal the attention of the crowd even if they end up cutting into someone else's story or joke.

But Generally Being Hilarious

14 Things Every Gemini Is Guilty Of

Yet when they are telling jokes, they have everyone in a fit of tears.

Frustrating Friends with How Fickle They Are

Gemini's really can't make up their minds, and are known for being indecisive. The problem is that they want to do everything! They could go for some ice cream right now, but they could also go for frozen yogurt. Or maybe just a smoothie. So many choices!

Never Choosing What to Do On a Date

14 Things Every Gemini Is Guilty Of

When a Gemini's boyfriend asks them what they want to do, the response is probably, "I don't know... what do you want to do?" Classic Gemini. They have so many ideas on what they could do, but they don't want to be the one to choose the end result.

Taking On Way More Than They Can Handle

Geminis have a bad habit of taking on several projects at once and having major anxiety during the process. They can't help the fact that they want to try out as much as they can, even if that means trying to be the president of their student government while also being the leader of their college book club.

Being Extremely Curious

Whether asking ALL the questions in class or being that person in a horror movie that investigates the noise in the basement, curiosity gets the best of most Geminis. Sometimes it's a great thing — they love to learn about new things — but it also means Geminis take risks that might not pay off.

Having Commitment Issues

If you're trying to date a Gemini, it might be difficult to DTR. They're a little bit wishy-washy about getting into serious relationships, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Just give them time to think about their options but let them go if they can't make up their mind.

Becoming Bored Way Too Easily

14 Things Every Gemini Is Guilty Of

Geminis are go-getters and they're unlikely to sit around all day. So if you keep them cooped up inside, they'll likely go out of their mind with boredom. Sure, watching Hulu shows is fine for an hour or so, but after that? No thanks! They need to get out and go on an adventure.

Being a Little Bit Superficial

Unfortunately, Geminis aren't great at reading people and really understanding their true qualities. So they're more likely to judge people they've just met based on surface-level attributes.

Sending Guys The Wrong Signals

Even if a Gemini likes someone, she'll have a problem being direct about it. Instead, she'll make things seem casual and will have the guy she likes wondering whether or not they're just friends or something more.

Taking Things Too Personally

14 Things Every Gemini Is Guilty Of

Being a bit sensitive, an individual with this star sign has trouble creating a thick skin for themselves. Even as jokers in their group of friends, they're not able to take other's jokes quite as well when it involves them. And if they ever happen to be scolded or rejected, a Gemini easily becomes emotional about it.

Pursuing Every Class At College

Studio art, children's lit, and creative writing?! Ahhh so many options! Geminis are the students to take on extra classes just because they're interested in learning about all they can. They don't believe in limiting themselves to the courses that are only in their own major.

Written by Emma Goddard