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If You're Obsessed With Astrology, You'll Find These 15 Things All Too Real

Being astrology-obsessed means never feeling ashamed to ask for someone's birthday.


Some people think astrology is a hoax, while others believe the complete opposite to be true. If you're part of the latter group, then you know how real this ancient star-based system is. While there are varying degrees of astrology-minded people, there is a select group of us who qualify as totally obsessed. 

Haters may hate, but have no shame in your astrology-obsessed game. How could you disregard something that continuously proves itself to be true? Sure, unwavering belief may come off a little whacky, but that's just the price you pay. That's okay. C'est la vie, as they say.

We may all come from different walks of life, but if you're part of the astrology-obsessed, you know there are certain things through which we can all relate. Keep scrolling to read just some of them below.

1. Instead of knowing everyone's birthday, you know everyone's sign — and we mean everyone's

"Hey isn't your birthday coming up? You're a Leo, right?"

2. Facebook is your secret weapon.

Little do people know that Facebook is like a birthday encyclopedia, allowing you to find anyone's date of birth in just a few short clicks. You can then sum them up accordingly. 

3. You don't think it's nice to judge, except when it comes to astrology.

"I'm not judgmental, I'm just right."

4. You understand the importance of knowing your exact time of birth.

"Mom, 'around 3:30pm' is not going to cut it!"

5. If you found out your chart is different than what you believed all along, you know what it's like to live a lie.

Who even are you?

6. You see people through the filter of their chart.

7. And you know how to approach them because of that. 

You're kind of a master manipulator — but, like, in a good way. 

8. In addition to reading your own horoscope, you always read your crush's/significant other's/best friend's.

It's always better to be safe than sorry.

9. If you're out and meet someone new, you always attempt to subtly find out their birthday.

And when all else fails, you just come out and ask. #noshame

10. Your phone is filled with astrology apps.

And you've been personally victimized by Co-Star.

11. All the astrology symbols are in your "frequently used" emojis.

Insert Instagram birthday post to friend: Happy birthday to my Pisces queen ♓️✨💫

12. You can ramble for way too long about astrology.

Oh no, don't get her started. 

13. You feel deeply connected to celebrities with similar, or compatible, birth charts to yours. 

If only you could just meet.

14. You frequently have "a-ha" moments explained by the stars.

Oh it's a full moon? That explains it!

15. Your friends frequently text you to ask astrology questions about their life and everyone in it.

You really should just start charging already.