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The Inspiring Affirmation Your Zodiac Sign Needs

A spiritual teacher shares the mantra you should adopt to live your best life.

Art by Tanya Leigh

It’s spring — a time for fresh beginnings with a new electric energy to help grow the seeds we’ve sowed during the winter. However, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little stuck and/or overwhelmed right now too. Sometimes when it comes to making changes and shifting our vibe, we need a little help with our mindset and self-confidence. This is where affirmations can help.  

“Affirmations are powerful tools to use to help us direct our thoughts and energy towards what we want to create for ourselves,” says Morgan Migliorisi, an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. “Reciting affirmations clarifies our intentions to us and the Universe, aligning us to the vibration of our desires.”

So which affirmation is right for you? Thankfully, you don’t need to look further than the stars and astrology. Astrology can be used as a powerful self-discovery tool to help you uncover some of your deepest truths and help align you with your authenticity. 

As Migliorisi puts it: “We become even more empowered when using affirmations that fit our zodiac sign as we are drawing attention to our unique strengths and talents. By playing on our special abilities, we provide the most fertile soil for us to co-create with the Universe.”

Below, Migliorisi shares the perfect affirmation for your zodiac sign and how you can make this chapter the perfect springboard for creating your best life.


Affirmation: I initiate powerful change.

“Aries kicks off the astrological new year and the start of spring, paving the way for new beginnings and expansion,” says Migliorisi. “Aries is at their best when they can take charge and rise to the occasion.”

Remember your amazing leadership skills and warrior spirit. Migliorisi says: “You can create the change you want by believing in your power and taking life by the reins”.


Affirmation: I create my own stability.

“Taurus enjoys their routine and doesn’t like dealing with change. As we welcome the new beginnings of spring, the dependable bull needs to be reminded they can handle any change that comes their way,” says Migliorisi. 

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Adds Migliorisi: “You can transition with ease if you ground your energy and focus on inner peace throughout the periods of change.”


Affirmation: I am expressive in thought and emotion.

According to Migliorisi, Gemini thrives in social situations and loves new experiences. “The Twins are learning that they can enjoy a number of exhilarating new experiences when they express their needs and desires.”

Remember: Don’t hold back when it comes to asking for what you want and your life will bloom in magical ways.


Affirmation: I nurture myself and fill my own cup.

“Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac, who rarely puts themselves before others,” says Migliorisi. “This season, in order to avoid the urge to retreat into their shell, the crab needs to tend to their own garden before watering everyone else’s.”

You deserve as much love and support as you give to others — nourish yourself and let yourself soften to come alive this spring.


Affirmation: I lead from my heart with love.

“Leo is known for their courage and ability to take the lead,” says Migliorisi. “To make the most of manifesting this spring, Leos need to tap into their heart space first.”

Your heart knows the way to your greatest fulfillment. “Combine your deepest desires with your authoritative drive and you will make your dreams happen,” says Migliorisi. 


Affirmation: I create a safe space for reflection.

According to Migliorisi, Virgo excels when they can use their analytical skills to help themselves and others. “As new opportunities and growth find the Virgin, Virgos need time to process the energy swirling around them,” she says. 

You will find safety and reassurance within when you reflect upon the new pathways opening for you. Adds Migliorisi: “Go within before making important decisions or taking on too much at once so you can keep your energy levels high.”


Affirmation: I embrace inner harmony.

“Libra is known for their diplomatic skills and ability to see all sides of a situation,” says Migliorisi. “People are getting active again, which creates a lot of hustle and bustle in our lives.”

Use your scales to create balance within yourself before showing up in the world so you feel confident in this new chapter of life. As Migliorisi says: “You’re radiant when you make time to cultivate inner harmony.”


Affirmation: I honor my perceptions.

Migliorisi says what makes a Scorpio stand out is their ability to be observant and a keen sense for what is invisible to the naked eye. “As the Scorpion renews themselves, it’s important they use their innate talents to navigate their path forward.”

Pay attention to the feelings you get as you begin new projects or contemplate the direction you’re moving in; your perceptions and intuition are strong and can be trusted.


Affirmation: I am free to be myself.

“Sagittarius has a great sense of adventure and loves to look on the bright side,” says Migliorisi. “The archer can gain clarity about their goals by being true to themselves and leaning into positivity.”

Honor your desire for freedom by standing in your authenticity and allowing it to lead your arrows directly to your target.


Affirmation: I am dedicated to my path.

“Capricorn is a hard worker and when they set out to do something, they make it happen — no matter how long it takes,” says Migliorisi. “The sea-goat can make the most of this season of hope and renewal by reminding themselves why they got started in the first place.”

The weight of the world sits on your shoulders sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. Adds Migliorisi: “Stay committed and success is yours.”


Affirmation: I am a visionary.

According to Migliorisi, Aquarius loves their alone time because they receive their best humanitarian ideas when they honor their independent nature. “The water-bearer can be a beacon of hope for others by empowering themselves to show up as the visionary that they are,” she says. 

Your original and inventive ideas are exactly what the world needs right now. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!


Affirmation: I seek answers within.

“Pisces is a sensitive dreamer who is in tune with everyone and everything around them,” says Migliorisi. “Sometimes the fish feels too much and has a hard time deciphering what energy and emotions belong to them or the people in their lives.”

Dive deep within to release the energy of others and renew yourself as you discover the best actions for you to take. “Your inner world will show you exactly where you need to swim,” says Migliorisi.