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15 Things You Should Never Say to a Taurus

Consider yourself warned.

Art by Tanya Leigh

Being a Taurus is the bee's knees but it can also be tough, especially since your star sign is associated with a bull. Almost immediately strangers assume you'll be aggressive and strong-willed, but of course you know just how wrong they are. Sure, Taureans have their flaws (who doesn't?), but they're also loyal and gentle old souls. So if you're ever lucky enough to run into a Taurus, think twice before you speak, these are the things that no Taurus wants to hear!

"Can I Choose the Restaurant This Time?"

Taureans love their food and drink, so they'll be the first person to pick out the restaurant you eat at. They're all about fine dining however, so don't expect it to be a cheap meal. Hey, Taureans just like quality food, OK?

"I'm Not Sure If I Can Trust You"

Taureans are the most trustworthy friends you could ever have, so if you think anything different you're straight up wrong. I mean... how do they know they can trust you?

"You're Being a Bit Clingy"

A Taurus is super loyal to all their friends and family. They just love you SO much and want a little bit of affection back... is that too much to ask?! Real talk though, if you dump a Taurus (friend or significant other), don't come crawling back when you have a new friend stab you in the back.

"I Think You're Giving Too Much of Yourself to Others"

Taureans can't help it that they're so generous! OK, so maybe they shouldn't let their friends mooch so much, but what's wrong with giving that homeless man some change every now and then? Right? Taureans just love everyone and want to give their whole hearts to them!

"Can You Get Me Something Thoughtful This Christmas?"

Ugh, but that waffle iron you got last Christmas was so practical! Wouldn't you rather have something you could get some real use out of?

"This Place Is An Absolute Mess"

Look, it's not your bedroom so don't complain. A Taurus might not be cleanest or most organized person, but at least they can live in their own clutter perfectly fine.

"Stop Being Such a Couch Potato"

Did you just call a Taurus lazy?! You're lucky they're too busy watching Scandal to get off the sofa and give you a piece of their mind.

"So... What Are You Going to Do with [Insert Major Here]?"

Taureans are creative people so please don't ask what they're going to do after college as an English major or why they decided to pursue an Art degree. They'll do just as they please and will be successful as well!

"You're So Spoiled"

OK, so Taureans tend to be a bit self-indulgent but shouldn't you always be your own top priority?

"Oh Let Me Help You with That"

No thank you, this Taurus has got it! Taureans are independent beings and don't need much help. If they need it then they'll ask for it. Bye.

"You Just Always Want Things to Go Your Way"

But isn't a Taurus' way the best? Individuals who fall under this star sign are a tad stubborn, but that's probably just because they're right.

"Oops, I Forgot My Wallet"

A Taurus will resent you for this. They're generous people so they'll always offer to lend a helping and a pay up (they'll even sound extremely willing), but behind it all they'll be somewhat peeved. They love to give to others, but they can also detect when someone is trying to take advantage of their generosity.

"Hey, Can I Borrow That?"

Whether clothes, food and the like, Taureans are really possessive, not just of their belongings but of people as well. So no, you cannot borrow that dress for the party you're going to.

"Money Doesn't Make the World Go 'Round"

Taureans can be materialistic but hey, if they earned the money what's wrong with them spending their cash on shopping? At least they've got good taste.

"Can You Just Give Up Already?"

Telling a Taurus to quit something is just silly. Taureans are persistent and determined, so they'll always get the job done no matter how long it takes. And that's exactly why they get so far in life!

Written by Emma Goddard