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4 Ways to Use Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini

Ready for your latest cosmic update?

4 Ways to Use Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini

Scorpio season is officially behind us, and lighthearted Sagittarius has come out to play. As tonight’s full moon in Gemini meets newfound Sagittarius energy, we find ourselves at a place of in-betweens, standing on the precipice of yet another holiday season and another year almost drawing to a close, though we luckily have plenty of joy and excitement and festivities to look forward to before New Year’s comes around again.

So what does that mean for your latest cosmic update? Well, known as the “Mourning Moon,” tonight’s full moon is the last one before the Winter Solstice. That means its powerful energy can be used to your advantage to set a great precedent for the upcoming holiday season.  

Let go of past resentments to make room for more good in your life.

Think of it this way: Emotional cleansing is like spring cleaning for your soul. Just like you’d get rid of old things in your house or closet to make room for more, cleansing your mind of mental clutter and your heart of emotional scar tissue will only make room for more good in your life. Focus on what you’re thankful or grateful for at this point in your life, and the universe will send more your way. Plus, what better timing than to manifest this mindset on or right before the Thanksgiving holiday? Seems all too fitting to practice a sense of gratitude now, if not always.

Try a cleansing ritual.

4 Ways to Use Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini
Bohemian Diesel

We don’t always realize that the things we’re holding onto are actually hurting us. We become so accustomed to the mental clutter and drama going on in our lives that it becomes a daily, commonplace thing, even if it isn’t healthy. The truth is that holding onto past resentments or perspectives will never be healthy. The only way we can grow is to make room for change, even when it’s scary.

So write down whatever it is that you need to let go of. Create a list of things, whether it’s on your phone, in your journal, or just in your mind (though I’d recommend writing it down for more clarity), then rip it up, throw it away, or delete it. Go ahead and do it; get rid of the old to make room for the new.

Alternately, take a moment to deeply focus on something you want to change in upcoming months. Take several deep breaths while contemplating. Imagine yourself breathing in good energy to help yourself with this task, then slowly exhale any doubts you might have.  

Start thinking about goals and resolutions now.

We all know that New Year’s is the typical time to make resolutions. Though of course it hasn’t quite come to that yet, there’s no time like now to start laying the foundation for what you want to achieve in 2016 – as well as what you want to close the doors on 2015, and leave behind in a meaningful way.

Not into the whole creating a list just to throw it away thing? Think about or write down a goal you have for the end of the year and place it somewhere you can see it and be reminded of it everyday; even if that just means creating a reminder on your phone. It’ll seem less daunting to accomplish in the new year if you already start considering it now.

Let yourself be. 

4 Ways to Use Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini
Charcoal Alley

Even if you’re not big on meditation, or simply find it hard (like most) to carve space for it into your busy schedule, take a few moments today and tomorrow to just let yourself be. And consider that maybe it’s time to start making time for yourself and your own emotional and spiritual well-being more often.

We often find ourselves bombarded by thoughts and over-analysis of where we should be. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by fears and worries about what we should be doing in life; who we should be with; even what we should be Instagramming.

But remember this: With the momentous energy of the Gemini full moon on your side tonight, you’re fully backed up here. So take a breather today, just for you (and even just for a few minutes) and give yourself a few blessed moments to not stress or worry about anything, and consider opening yourself up to the possibility of positive and meaningful change. Promise?